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    [MOD note: Thread split, Continue discussion of Bebeto here]

    Definately Bebeto.

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    what the hell is bebeto?


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      Originally posted by Nikovich
      Definately Bebeto.

      Bebeto? Brasil soccer player? isn't he retired?

      and I am from Seoul, I don't know what bebeto thing.


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        read me, I am male, I am going to be 29.

        and bebeto? oh, she is my net-fd in china.

        I am not what bebeto!

        Like I said, definately Bebeto. Why do you always have to be so sketchy?


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          no seriously, what the hell is bebeto?


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            ok, then ask Ice to check it out.

            I am sure, he can't find anything.

            I search here thru Korean Yahoo site.

            Here you go...
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              Originally posted by K5Blazer
              no seriously, what the hell is bebeto?
              My thoughts exactly, Someone elaborate?


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                Ask blade. I just don't understand why she has to be so dishonest about it.


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                  Who the hell is Bebeto?

                  if you want to see Bebeto, go home, and watch your football !


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                    See, now she's going to make mulitple accounts AGAIN and deny who she is AGAIN.

                    This has to be some kind of psychological disorder.


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                      Multiple accounts aren't allowed here and I have confirmed you have created two now. Stick with your original one and dont do this again. For that matter stop PMING ME! I have 24 PM's now just STOP!


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                        Knock it off, I just did compare you IP and you are the same person.

                        Alright I got a breif history from "the other side" but I cant really make heads or tails of it. Someone just explain to me why this user should be banned (Im not saying you will be, I just want to know your past record.)


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                          I never said anything about banning her, I don't think anyone really has a problem with her. Well, blade hates her. She signed up to THIA a long time ago with the name Ivy. She said she was from Brazil I think. Later she changed it to Bebeto and said she was from Hong Kong or something but it was obvious she was the same person. Whenever someone asked her if she was Ivy, she got all defensive, acting the same way a 5 year old does when you know they're lying about something (just like she's doing now). She also said the SAME EXACT thing in her defense every time, to "ask Paul." She also created multiple accounts and acted like an alibi, changing her story from not knowing who Ivy/Bebeto was, to actually knowing her, but not being her. Someone traced the IPs, and they all went to the same user. I think she really has like, a psychological disorder towards being a pathological liar. Otherwise, I can't see why she has to keep pretending she's someone else. She never really caused any trouble and aside from being painfully hard to understand, she doesn't really bother anyone.
                          Last edited by Nikovich; 08-03-2005, 04:14 AM.


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                            OK thanks Niko!

                            As for Bebeto, Please dont mask yourself. We dont mind who you are just act normal like all the other board members.


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                              yaay, Ivy is back

                              You know, for awhile there I kinda did hate her, but then I realized that she usually kept the forums going (albeit with pointless arguing and horrible grammar) during those slow times. So fuck it, let her post what she will. Just don't expect her to make much sense...