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  • Official Apology from Rely On Horror

    My name is CJ Melendez, Editor in Chief at Rely On Horror. It has come to my attention that your message board was attacked yesterday and today from at least 5 individuals. They were indeed people who are associated with Rely On Horror. Possibly one of our staff, but all of which deny taking part in what happened. We’ll get to the bottom of who was involved.

    For now, I’d like to extend my sincere apologies to all of you. Especially to the webmasters of this site. The Horror Is Alive goes way back, and we are certainly happy to see it still active to this day. We would be saddened if relations between our two websites is destroyed over this incident, but remain hopeful we can work this out.

    If you would like to contact me regarding this incident, please do so at:

    Thank you,
    CJ Melendez
    Editor In Chief, Rely On Horror

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    So, this is quite ... odd.

    For what it's worth and just to clarify;
    Someone did indeed register and spam the boards, for whatever reason. That's about all that's true about the above post. I guess. As that's actually not CJ there, but someone just posing as CJ and apologizing in his name.

    Been in touch with the real CJ, though. All's cool. No bloodshed and no bad blood.

    So, yeah, to summarize once more, 'cause it's just weird to see something like this in this day and age;
    -Forum spammed
    -Banned OP in this thread is not whom he claims to be
    -The person OP claimed to be seems like a nice
    -Everyone, be nice. Nothing to see here. Move along.


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      It's good to see that there are still retards left in the RE community, who have little enough life to spend on these kind of things.
      lostreleases // demopals


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        What was the guy posting? His posts are EVERYWHERE, but obviously deleted. Was it just rude posts, or... something else?
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          Originally posted by ronin_akikage View Post
          What was the guy posting? His posts are EVERYWHERE, but obviously deleted. Was it just rude posts, or... something else?
          Mostly animated GIFs of porn/ animal porn/ nasty stuff.
          And some "fuck you"-related pics.
          lostreleases // demopals


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            Oh, wonderful... great.... just what we need...

            *sigh* I'm glad this is dealt with.
            Current writing project: Resident Evil: Origins (screenplay)


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              Hey guys, this is the actual CJ (admin can confirm based on my email). Sorry this is happening to your forum, but this is the work of some troll simply saying it's us. Someone here (or the troll himself) is claiming it's still RoH to me on Twitter so I activated my account to make a comment.

              Frankly, I'm not familiar with the RE Fansites and I had to ask our owner if he was familiar with this site after the admin contacted me.

              We're a hobbyist but professional editorial website and have no interest in petty forum trolling, especially toward a site we've not communicated with in any capacity in years as far as I'm aware.


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                I don't like to point fingers but I think this might be related to a user called P.I.M.P
                a few years back I joined a google developer blog / discussion board for the homebrew playstation import player
                then a few weeks later my e-mail got spammed with prositutes sending me pics which eventually caused me to give up on modding, deleting my email and old username here.
                It was like having a stalker


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                  I got some sweet PM from one of the accounts. My wife and I had a good laugh at it. It definitely seems like someone whos been a member of the RE community for a long time because they referenced some insanely old argument that THIA had against Rehorror. I was pretty shocked to see them talk about it. Trolls are becoming surprisingly dedicated to their craft.


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                    Where is everybody?