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Terminator 4 Teaser is out

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  • Terminator 4 Teaser is out

    Being a huge Terminator fan, I'm somewhat relieved. I have some hope for this to be good.

    There are a few quick shots of Skynet harvesters and maybe a T-70/T-600 infiltrator. The only thing that bothers me is the T3 styled T-1 coming out of the water at the end. I'm praying that they stick with T1 and T2 visually.


    Hunter Killer tank

    Christian Bale, bad ass as always
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    Well the teaser looks fine for ateaser, thanks for the link, but I still dont like that it is a PG13 rated film and Terminator is not THE Terminator without Arnold
    "Barry never vanished from the series. It was the series that vanished from Barry. He's inside all of us. " (C) Smiley


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      Oh man, Bale is involved in this? Hype level +999


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        Copied from the official blog:

        "Oh yeah, don't get too uptight about the prospect of the film being PG-13. We have entertained the idea of a PG-13 rating largely because Batman Begins, in my opinion, was made compromise-free. So we'll see. The movie comes first and it will be protected at all times…"

        The PG-13 rating isn't set in stone yet.

        Also, it wouldn't make sense for Arnold to be in this movie. It takes place in 2018 and the Arnold model isn't fully developed until 2027-2029.
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          Still don't like what i've heard about the storyline, being *provided its true*


          The trailer wasn't bad.
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            Don't worry, the director proved it to be false.

            It sounds like some fan-fic bullshit.


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              not looking to bad i'm a massive fan of the terminator and can't wait till this is out.


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                Originally posted by c2keo View Post
                Don't worry, the director proved it to be false.

                It sounds like some fan-fic bullshit.
                Sounded as such, but you never know, the source it came from was usually legit on most rumours.


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                  Close up of the crude T-600

                  T-600 in the background guarding an "orderly disposal" camp

                  I'm so hyped over this movie! Considering how early it is, these shots look very good.
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                    Oh man, that looks fantastic Really loving the design! I assume its face was ripped off? Or does this model not have the skin over its exoskeleton?


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                      The T-600s would have rubber skin when sent out on infiltration missions. It's meant to trick the resistance from a distance, but up close thier would be blown.

                      I guess since this one is acting as a guard, it didn't need skin. Although it looks like it's wearing a torn up resistance uniform, so maybe the skin was torn off from a previous battle.

                      (Yes, I'm a huge Terminator nerd if you couldn't tell already...)
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                        Looks cool, didn't know Bale was in it.


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                          As a long serving Terminator fan, I'm glad that we're finally seeing something optimistic about the series. Since the debacle that was T3, I've had to silence that aspect of my sci-fi geekiness, but today it's been rekindled. You can almost feel the atmosphere in those screencaps, and the addition of Christian Bale is very welcome.

                          T4 needs just one thing in order to ascend to the pinnacle of epic:

                          See you in hell.


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                            I like the Terminator movies, but I'm not a huge fan. Should be a good movie though.


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                              I'm a huge, huge fan of the Terminator movies/series. Terminator 1 is my fav film of all time, because it was a film i loved and watched time and time again as a child.
                              Terminator 2 is also an amazing film that would always be in every top 10 movies made in like a 100 years time lol.
                              The Terminator series, at first I wasn't sure about, thought this would ruin the series, but I was wrong and it turned out to be excellent, I can't wait for the dvd of the first season to come out, as I had to watch them on the Internet whilest it was on and would love to see them in blu-ray/dvd.
                              Terminator 3 kinda seemed out of place, because it was rated a (12) but also it didn't have the right cast, except Arnie IMO. But I still think it was a interesting film to watch but if the forth film is to take the storyline from the series as some rumours stated, then the third film would pretty much be worthless and not part of the core storyline and just a diffrent parth that would of been taken if the series storyline didn't happen.
                              The trailer looks alright for T.4 but like all ways, the teasers never do it for me and I need to see a scene or some action with a Terminator chasing down John or something, but i'm very much looking forward to the movie and would be first in line to watch this, as I was for the third movie. Also it coming out on the 22nd of May, a day after my birthday is another treat