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    Anyone seen the 1986 original or the remake? The original was the best, as Rutger Hauer was fantastic as the antagonist, and quite cold towards his intended victim, Jim Halsey (C. Thomas Howell).

    I saw the sequel, and it was great also. A bit of the same alright, but still very decent. Also, China Lake = a superb, but very short bonus movie that I saw with the DVD.

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    I've yet to see the remake, but the 1986 original is a classic, Rutger Hauer scared the s*it out of me in that movie, did even more so when I met him in person in Greenwich Park during his filming of a commercial, the man's really quiet and I only got to shake his hand *didn't realise he was filming, ventured over and saw a few people getting his autograph*.


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      Unfortunately I've only seen the remake which I thought was ok (note; nothing more than that ), I have yet to see the original but I have a feeling it is much better than the remake.

      10 stars bonus to the remake for Sophia Bush though!
      Freedom of Information.


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        Doesn't some guy get ripped apart by a truck or something?