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Anyone use Visual Basic?

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  • Anyone use Visual Basic?

    EDIT - Nevermind, this problem fixed, there will no doubt be others though so keep this thread and i'll post any i have if theres anyone here that knows their stuff in VB.
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    I don't use VB so this might not be helpful to you, but I do use Visual Studio with the .NET platform/C#/C++ and have programmed in Java.

    So if you have any general programming questions I'll be pleased to help. In your case it will be psuedo code which you must write over to VB syntax.
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      I haven't touched a BASIC language in years. It's been close to maybe 7 years since I last touched it and back then I was working with Dark BASIC and a wierd graphics engine built using that coding platform, and QBASIC before that in middle school. Fond memories of having the computer make small animations using nothing but code...


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        I've pretty much told my lecturers now it isn't going to happen, and they've said it's fine and i can pick up the 2 credits with something else this year.