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  • Rant about Toshiba

    I just bought another 2GB stick of RAM for my laptop (preparing for GTAIV ;) when I realized that Vista 32-bit wouldn't support over 3GB. So I started to look for a way to get a 64-bit version of Vista. I considered piracy, but I don't like pirating things that affect my entire computer.

    So, a few days later (and still thinking of a method), I was digging Doom 3 out of my game collection when I came across the recovery disk for my laptop, still in it's plastic wrap. And guess what was written on it?

    "Vista Home Premium 64-bit recovery disk"

    Now, why the FUCK would Toshiba do a pre-install of 32-bit on my laptop when there's a better one that comes packaged with the computer? Granted, this new, fresh re-install of Vista has given my computer a good breath of life, and now it's running like new which I'm quite happy about, but you gotta ask the question: what were Toshiba thinking?

    I hate stupid people.

    Anybody else had similar issues?

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    It probably has more to do with practicality than stupidity. Toshiba probably assumed that most people don't really need the 64 bit version and installed the 32 bit version. I'm assuming that that the 64 bit version eats up a bit more computing power that the 32 bit, so they probably just installed the 32 bit figuring that those who wanted the 64 bit one could just install it themselves.

    Just a thought. That or they're idiots.


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      But in a RECOVERY DISK? They should give you an option at first startup.

      Also, I've found that my 64-bit install is working just as well as my 32-bit edition.