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Problem with laptop

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  • Problem with laptop

    I keep getting a message that some display driver has stopped functioning. Maybe 1 out of 5 times this is followed by complete freeze. But it just BSODed then, and I'm wondering, should I be worried? Or is this normal in Vista 64-bit?

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    Suggested Fix.


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      Hard to blindly guess what the problem is (or troubleshoot it at all), especially without having more information about the system and the circumstances of those crashes.

      My first blind guess since it BSODs is either:

      A: The recent odd virus that is passed around that carries the fake BSOD screensaver as part of the package (but this thing usually messes around with more stuff, making it very noticable, such as changing your wallpaper)


      B: The card overheats. Is it an old laptop? Do you keep it on a non-solid surface? Especially in the case of some laptops with a bit of mileage on them them, the dust can gather up really bad on the heat sinks and fans.


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        It's a Toshiba A300 (exact specs are attached).

        I always keep it on a flat surface or somewhere where the intake vent won't be blocked.

        Hmmm, it hasn't popped this problem up for the past two days though, so it might have just been having a little bitch and it's now over it.

        I'll keep you posted Thanks for your help so far.
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