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Need to find out a dog's breed ASAP

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  • Need to find out a dog's breed ASAP

    Hi everyone!

    I picked up a stray dog hanging around the middle of a busy highway, and was wondering what sort of breed it was, if anyone could tell me. She's a real sweetie, but it likes my Beagle too much and jumps all over her. But my Beagle couldn't stand up for herself if a peanut-butter sandwich started calling her names anyway.

    I've attached pictures, and guess what I've nicknamed the dog for the time being?

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    Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh, thats so nice!!! and... sorry, no idea, don't know much about dogs, hehe. I don't have any pet's, buaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!


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      Yeah, my Beagle's absolutely petrified of the dog, and she's hiding under my desk right now where Sheva can't get her Doesn't stop Sheva from trying though
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        hahahaha, you showld train them to do co-op, imagine it: Seva and Beagle in a super-duper horror-love game, hahahaha; and then, some years later, they make a co-op online game, and that's it: you get to choose wich of the two is the character that's going to desapear in terms of story line, he/she will still wonder around your room and house.


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          Unfortunately, the owners came around and picked up Sheva this morning after I did a bit of investigating into who owned the dog...

          Holly's glad she's gone though. Now Holly has the whole house to herself again.


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            Did you ask the owners what type of dog it was?


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              Nah, the 20-something woman just came and picked up the dog, said she was an escape artist, said 'thank-you' very happily, and left.

              She loved my Beagle as well. Though my Beagle didn't love her *bark bark*