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gamefans TV needs a REAL theme (you can help)

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  • gamefans TV needs a REAL theme (you can help)

    ok as you all kno i have been using the open stage themem from MMX4 for the last 2 eps.

    starting in nov we need an official theme. any and all suggestions are accepted and the winnning song will be the official opening hteme and the winner gets there name mentioned in the opening credits.

    thanks and ja ne

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    What's wrong with what you have now?
    See you in hell.


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      well im hoping to make a real opening for the eries rather than throw together an opening each episode. i have an outline of the opening showing every console i can find btu i need a song appropriate for the gaming generation.

      oh also any submission of the song playstation by eiffel 65 is DQed. we do review other platforms.