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  • Introducing...

    This thread is for you to share with everyone else, people that you admire for whatever reason that others may not know too much about;
    musicians, athletes, actors, performers, authors, et cetera -- anyone you enjoy that you would like to spread awareness about.

    I'll start.


    Introducing...Hayley Nichole Williams.

    What do they do?
    Vocalist of the band Paramore(

    What are they known for?
    Lead singer of on-the-rise band Paramore.
    Incredible, powerful voice, especially for her age -
    Youth - recorded Paramore's first album, "All We Know Is Falling" at the age of 16/17.
    Solar-flare hair color. She's had it since the beginning.
    Her style - simple, yet complex. She's a t-shirt connoisseur. Never wears the same shirt twice, but always looks like a trend-setter.

    You may know them from... - "Misery Business" - "Crushcrushcrush"

    See also... - "Hallelujah" ~ Great showcase of her vocal abilities. - "We Are Broken" ~ More of her beautiful voice. - "Born For This" ~ Quicker pace, more rock than roll.

    Why do I admire them?

    What the hell is there not to admire? She's only about a month older than me and she's the leader in female rock-vocals in the world. Her hair is a big sticking point -- never did I think I'd like something so wild, but that hair is just too much. I can't get enough of it. Some people call it a gimmick, but goddamn it, I'd stick my face in that hair and inhale it and drown in it and choke on it...I LOVE IT.

    Her modesty - watch any interview. It might be cliche, but she's not caught up in the hype and fame.
    She's still just a 19 year old girl from Tennessee who owns the stage and rocks out on country-wide tours.

    In my opinion, if you take Hayley out of Paramore, the band is mediocre at best.

    She's gorgeous. She's sexy. She's adorable. She's goofy. She's down-to-Earth. She has it all.

    If I had to give my life away tomorrow and marry someone, it'd be her. No doubt in my mind.

    I <3 her.
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    Hayley <3
    Hmmm, this will be interesting.

    And, here is t.A.T.u.!

    What do they do?
    Sing, make videos, erm, an artist? XD

    What are they known for?
    Fake Lesbian act.
    Kissing in the rain at 14...
    Being a couple (Though it was a lie)

    What you might know them from:
    All The Things She Said
    All About Us

    And why do I love them?
    Well heres something you may not know, they might not have been lesbians, but for fucks sake, it wasn't about that anyway.

    All The Things She Said was about how two girls loved each other but out of ignorance of other people, they were shunned for it, they were trying to prove those homophobics theres nothing wrong with homosexuality.

    Though you see the girls behind the bars and "trapped", it plays the other way, the onlookers were trapped in ignorance.
    Their music style is beyond no other, and their voices are just beautiful.
    And what people DONT know is that they came back in 2005 with Dangerous And Moving.

    But they're back, and they will rule the world again with their awesome music style, they will come back, with their new album "Happy Smiles".

    I love t.A.T.u., no matter what anyone would say.


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      What the hell, they're fesbians(fake lesbians)?

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        Maybe I shouldn't of done this, ignorance comes to mind here.
        If you're going to be rude, I see no point in this thrad.


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          Uhh, I think you read me the wrong way.

          I have no problem with lesbians. I have problems with people who create controversy solely for publicity(i.e. Katy Perry).
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            Hmm, I apologize.
            Their manager, Ivan, was a pedophile, so I'm not surprised.
            You should of seen TEMA's video, that man is disgusting.


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              Hmm, let's get back on topic here...

              I have some other people I could post about but I want others to get involved!
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                Japanese post rock ensemble who make epic, beautiful soundscapes that defy categorization...

                Who are they?

                Tamaki - Bass
                Taka - Guitar
                Yoda - Guitar
                Yasunori - Drums

                What do they sound like?

                An orchestra. Extreme dynamics, ranging from so quiet to the point where you can hear their fingers picking away at the guitars to ear bleedingly loud. Mono are the only band i have ever seen in a live environment that made me cover my ears for at least 30 seconds at a time.

                Why do i like them so much?

                I bought their second album 'One Step More and You Die' in 2004 and i loved it, but it wasn't until seeing them live that same year that i was utterly compelled by them. I was amazed at how note perfect they were and how much passion and energy they put into their performance. Since 2004 i have seen them 6 times, and travelled to different cities to see different shows. Every time, mindblowing... A mono show for me is like a spiritual pilgrimage.

                My best experience regarding mono was when i got to work for them at the tail end of last year. I'm a live sound engineer, and authough Mono bring their own soundman on tour with them I had the pleasure of stage managing their performance in my hometown. They were all so nice and friendly and very humble - The bass player Tamaki gave me some free merch after the show was over. Their performance that night was nothing short of breathtaking, i really shouldn't be saying this but i literally had a tear streaming down my face at one point. They have a sincerity to them that no other band has, and a passion for music, touring and people that goes beyond words.

                Some stuff to check out...



                Live Videos..

                The Kidnapper Bell -
                Yearning -
                The Flames Beyond The Cold Mountain -
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                  ^ Whoa, that song "Yearning" was pretty sweet. They sound like something I'd have quietly in the background while studying.


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                    Charlie Brooker


                    'Nuff said.
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                    See you in hell.


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                      Some Australian comedians.
                      Very talented individuals.

                      Shaun Micallef. His off-the-wall wacky style is fantastic. Here's a select few sketches.

                      The Umbillical brothers. Their main act is one guy doing movements, and the other makes the sound effects with a mic. They are very talented.

                      The Chaser (a troupe of controversial comics)
             - A stunt @ the Sydney APEC summit. This got international news coverage. Highlighting problems with the security.
             - Trolling McDonalds
             - Brilliant 'parking officer' sketch
             - Mucking around with airport security. Fantastic sketch

                      And a comedy band called Tripod. They do nerd comedy, and are very good.
             - There was a hot girl in the comic shop
             - Txt msgs (great song!)
             - The too many remotes blues
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                        Love the Chaser! I got three DVDs!


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                          Originally posted by Mr. Spencer View Post
                          Charlie Brooker


                          'Nuff said.
                          Hahaha, that was great.