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do you have friends that are WAY too defensive to stuff they love?

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    My "friend" hates people who don't think Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest action hero of all time. He's the best, damn it! He's a goddamn sexual tyrannosaur!

    "I'm a cop, you eediot!"


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      i laughed alot when i saw the picture of arnold schartznegger(not sure if spelled right)

      i have friends who defend naruto and bleach to the death they think those two animes are the best ever
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        Originally posted by Gideon Quinn View Post
        I have friends who refuse to accept any other opinion on Radiohead other than 'They are the best band in the world' - as if it is a fact and anyone who dislikes them (IE Me) is somehow inferior. I hate that shit.
        Hurgh!!! I used to like that band, but the fanbase drove me away. Heck, most stuff I listend to in 1994, that was "unique" and "individualistic" or w/e. ALL of those bands and artists have ended with cliquy followings of robots who all think and act the same. Conformist rebels!


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          If you read comics boards, most posters post the same crap over and over. And most of them bashing creators don't even have their one fact to bash said person right. It's like brainless robots.

          Anyways, I don't keep friends who don't have a sense of humor. So I only come across intolerant people who can't handle adversity.
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