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how to impress at your halloween party (food)

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  • how to impress at your halloween party (food)

    ok as everyone knows (and cares) Halloween is next friday. so i decided to share 2 recipes that will shock and awe your friends (especially the ones who finallyl realize you can cook without a takeout menu).

    1. meat grenades.
    should make 30 meatballs

    1 1/2 LB beef (top round or london broil in the states)
    1 1/2 pounds pork cubed (no food processor handy for both? Get it ground at teh counter)
    1/2 cup grated or pulverized romano or parmesan cheese
    1/4 cup chopped parsley
    table spoon dried basil
    8 slices wheat or anytype of bread lightly soaked in milk (freeze the bread for best results before adding milk)
    3 cloves garlic
    2 eggs
    salt and pepper to taste (don't be a wussy)

    instructions (bare hands)

    take the eggs and beat until both the white and yolk are combined, then mix together all the ingrediants together until it has the feeling of wet playdoh or stiff pizza dough. ass salt and pepper to it until you think its right. (as long as your butcher has not handled the T virus you'll be fine)

    (food processor instructions)
    process both beef and pork until the they look ground, thne take it out and process the eggs bread parsley basil and garlic until mixed then add the meat back. process until combined and as above yada yada.

    then take a spoon and spoon it out onto a cookie sheet and cook for 45 minutes at 375 or until golden brown.

    2. instant surprise

    3 chicken breast with skin chopped to bits
    3 cans of cream of chicken
    2 boxes of instant chicken stuffing
    1 can water
    2 alumiun tins in the lasagna size range

    mix the chicken and cans of cream of chicken in a huge pot with a can of water and boil for about 20 minutes or until te chicken is tender.

    then put the stuffing on the bottom of the trays and pour the mixture of chicken goo over it and bake in an oven for another 20 minutes.

    (easier way)

    if you have a slow cooker take the raw chicken and the cream and mix it in the slow cooker (need a big one) then put all the stuffing on the top and cover and slow cook for 5-7 hours on low..

    i dunno if anyone will enjoy these but know this...dominoes is open late on weekends.

    Happy halloween!!!!!

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    Haha, great work


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      Originally posted by Helegad View Post
      Haha, great work

      both are actually food tsts i do at home.

      being out of work has helped my recipes


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        If I wasn't allergic to a number of foods you mentioned, I may have tried this, haha.


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          why what allergies you have, if i know i can suggest other recipes