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A get rich quick scheme that WILL work for a while

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  • A get rich quick scheme that WILL work for a while

    You are probably aware of the Australian dollar shitting itself (it's now worth about $1 to 60 US cents, whereas the standard used to be about 90-95 US cents).

    If you have a lot of savings, chuck 'em all into a PayPal account, convert them to Australian, then wait for the Australian dollar to go back to normal, and convert them back to US or whatever. You'll make about 1/3 more money.

    So $100 deposited = $133 approx back
    $1000 deposited = 1333 approx back! That's over $300 profit

    I would do it if I was in America. Unfortunately, no. I'm in Australia, and I have to pay for a new Shiny Toy Guns CD this week that'll cost $40 including shipping from America

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    Nice theory, but I bet it wouldn't work with the british pound.

    I prefer my idea;

    1) Steal Underpants
    3) Profit.


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      Whats step 2? xD
      I love that Episode, the first with my favourite character in.
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        i prefer my idea your change, if you have bank of america it adds up quick