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    Yeah, dude. I saw that trailer like a month or two ago (poor quality though) and that is why I am stoked for this flick. I think they're doing the source material justice.


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      Originally posted by Jill's Boob View Post
      Hollywood ran out of ideas a few years back. Hell, they're even going to remake "Karate Kid." Good grief.
      People never run out of ideas, but it's the shills who run the studios who are allergic to anything original and are stuck in the past. Unless it screams "made for TV" that would sell tickets, original ideas are rejected.

      Moviegoers in general are to blame as well. I can't think of any genuinely good movie in recent years that was also a blockbuster (aside from TDK and last year's Bourne movie).

      Anyway, remakes are never a good idea in my opinion but if they were to be done, a good director needs to be assigned. Rob Zombie butchered Halloween.. which is the most glaring example I can think of.


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        I liked The Hills Have Eyes remake. But to be shamefully honest, I haven't seen the orginal.


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          UNDERWORLD 3 looks sick!


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            I liked the first 2 Underworlds but Kate in her shiny catsuit was a big part of the attraction. It's sad to see she's not in it.

            The Hills Have Eyes remake was okay. The original is a classic but it's also very old. The remake is so different that it wasn't really necessary to use the same title.
            I also quite liked the Chainsaw remakes, so there are exceptions to the rule (the rule being that I HATE REMAKES).
            The Thing was a remake to an old B&W movie. That's when IMO they can be justified. But why remake it again, when the first remake is so damn awesome?
            Remaking really old movies can be good but remaking films from the 80s and 90s is stupid... just leave them alone!
            They made 10 sequels to Friday the 13th and now they want to start again? Just make another stupid sequel. Sequels are okay because we can just take them or leave them.
            What's the point in remaking films that will just never be good? And what's more, what the heck is the point in remaking films that are already good?

            I'm also not impressed with Hollywood remaking brilliant foreign films just so people can watch them in English. All they ever do is ruin them. People should stop being so bloody lazy and learn to keep up with subtitles. It's not the filmmaker's fault that some people haven't picked up a freaking book in ten years.
            Yes, yes, YES!!! You are SO right!
            For example, one of my pet hates is the remake of Japanese horror films (which I LOVE). They are never done right and what's more, they are insulting to both cultures. It's insulting to Japan to say, "Americans don't want to watch movies with Asian people in them and listen to their strange language". And it's insulting to America to say, "Americans are dumb ass illiterates, who don't want to try and read subtitles"...

            Many films on that list are great as they are. They should be appreciated for what they were/are.

            I did this drawing in year 7 at school (1994). They are splatter film icons representing a unique period of the horror film. Everyone of them is being remade. What does that say about our modern 'culture'?
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              Originally posted by Biohazard EX View Post
              I liked The Hills Have Eyes remake. But to be shamefully honest, I haven't seen the orginal.
              Same here on both accounts. The remake was pretty solid. The sequel? Not so much.


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                I think its a little upsetting. I mean... Remaking films where the charm is the fact that they are so bad and cheesy kind of ruins them. I hear they're remaking the Karate Kid, which was full of Cheese.

                Remakes take themselves too seriously. It's a real shame. I mean, look at game remakes. Resident Evil remake was good, but it didn't have the charm of the original game.
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