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installing drivers on Ubuntu

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  • installing drivers on Ubuntu

    ok so i downloaded the drivers and i cant figure out how to install them. in windows you just click on the icon but its seems i have to build my own installer or something in ubuntu

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    Not sure which drivers you are referring to but firstly make sure that you downloaded these drivers for Ubuntu.

    Now usually this is how you download/install drivers:

    1. Start up your terminal (small black screen icon)
    2. Type the following command in your terminal:

    sudo apt-get install [DRIVER NAME]

    (Where you replace the [DRIVER NAME] field with the appropriate name)

    What this command does is install the driver which is already downloaded from your packet repository. Your packet repository gets frequently updated by the OS.

    If you want to search for a driver/application, type the following in your terminal:

    sudo apt-cache search [DRIVER NAME/APPLICATION]

    This command searches for a driver or application in your repository.
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      soundblaster and ATI drivers where the ones i was refering too. thanks for the help