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Resident Evil 5 <Gamefaqs>: Curse of the Updater Series (CYOA)

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  • Resident Evil 5 <Gamefaqs>: Curse of the Updater Series (CYOA)

    Hi I'm RapidNameChange. You may remember me from such topics as Which is better? Wesker or Chris and Generic Troll topic number 27. Today I am going to start what I hope is a long lasting CYOA. Getting tired of these? Not this one. This one promises to be packed with the wacky antics of Elusion, Town of Blue, SSJ_Jin, and the entire Miss V series. Join us today as we explore the horrific and tragic tale of the Resident Evil 5 message boards...

    Resident Evil...


    New game?
    y< n

    Select your player...

    RapidNameChange: The main character of the story. Likes to avoid your general topics but does get in to some rather frustrating arguments with the mindless noobs lol. Rapid believes in what he wants but is accommodating to others opinions. Rapid has lead several attempts to wipe out the Updater Series but always fails to get rid of them completely. When a sudden plague of Updaters spreads, Rapid get a small group of survivors together to try and stop them once and for all or die.

    Select your partner:

    Elusion: This character likes to take on a decent argument and prove a point though lately has steered fairly clear of most topics (at least that Rapid is aware of). A vet combatant, Elusion has seen many a tussle with SSJ and Missvalentine usually coming out the victor or just plain sick of the argument. Elusions skills are: Quick wit, Ample firearm, and Experience (allows character to use wisdom to figure out puzzles quickly)

    Missvalentine: A die hard fan of the Resident Evil (classic) series. MissV has seen many arguments and some even started. Quick on the offensive, MissV tends to get into more trouble than its worth at times with a short fuse and a hot temper, but MissV is always willing to stand and fight for what is believed in. MissV has proven near impossible to beat with a massive resistance to near any comeback. Missvalentines skills are: Iron Will, Auto Aiming (near perfect aim), and Adept Survival (able to move around with ease when it comes to obscure camera angles and a lack of hp and ammo)

    Racer_UpdaterX: Set apart from the other Updaters in the evil Updater Series. This updater rarely brings actual news but does troll like the others. Racer has shown ample surviving skills. Rapid himself has lead several attacks on updaters all which end with the death of every updater except Racer. Racer_UpdaterX's skills are: Immunity (immune to the updater virus and the antigens that kill other updaters), Random thought (Allows Racer to block the mind reader updaters and place confusion in others minds), and Confidence (This isnt so much a skill as it is a personality trait but it does give Racer an advantage on convincing others)

    A) Elusion
    B) MissV
    C) Racer

    The first 5 votes will be counted.

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    Well I know this isn't gamefaqs but this CYOA was requested by several members from gamefaqs as it was deleted there during the gamefaqs incident (

    I've already been given an ok to make a CYOA and promise not to over flow the forum with these, as I have the consideration to respect that others may not want an over flow of these here.

    I'm being considerate to not bother those who don't like these so please if you don't like the topic don't post in it. I would like to save as much space as possible for those who requested this CYOA and others who would like to participate.

    Thank you


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      i vote MissV, and if the topic doesnt go great here theirs another site where most of the people from gamefaq's are


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        This topic is fine. It's not hurting anyone and so long as it doesn't break the rules via porn or spam it can stay. If you fols don't wanna play then feel free not to. I know I won't be. But no need to complain.


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          I can see that only the ex-GameFAQ members will be participating in this.


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            Maybe, but there's nothing wrong with that either. Hell, I intend to make one of these and test it here, although mine will be a little...different.


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              Rapid, how I've missed having you around.


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                I'd take this CYOA more seriously if it didn't involve characters with GameFAQs usernames.


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                  I'm sorry, Helegad, why the hell is this so much worse than your This or That game? Or one of any number other spam threads you make?

                  If you don't like this thread, folks, then stay the fuck out of it, stop whinging, and stop trying to stop others from having a good time. So long as no porn, spam or other broken rule happens then everyone is free to do pretty much as they wish.

                  And if you wanna whinge, then tough damned luck doing it here. The next post I see which is esstnially, 'This is a game from GameFaqs, you can't do something like that here!' is gonna get an infraction. You wanna complain? Feel free to grab me online, or PM me, but do not try to derail this topic any futher.

                  Seriously, guys, they are not breaking any damned rules. let others have fun.


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                    Now I go through this thread, handing out infractions.

                    Like I said before, I don't want some stupid drama from Gamefaqs being brought over here. Its clear your trying to get into some silly argument over Gamefaqs and use THIA as a platform to spew that hate. So, no, you can't do an RPG or whatever the hell this is.
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