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Worried about my CPU

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    Originally posted by Helegad View Post
    I do know a fair bit about computers, and I'm 50/50 on being able to disassemble, clean, and reassemble the lappy without damage, but I'll take your advice and bring it into a service centre. Better safe than sorry.
    Indeed. And it is an investment, afterall. I did all my "homework" on older Pentium boxes and even though I know quite a lot by now, I till take my 1800 dollar laptop to the service.

    Did Notebookreviews come up with an answer I might have missed? Design flaws, characteristical problems?


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      Nah... I just wish I installed SpeedFan earlier... I might have gotten a good estimation as to what problem it is

      However, someone else on NotebookReview said that they had the exact same Penryn chip as me, and thiers runs at 35C normally. However, they live in Switzerland which is very cold at the moment, and they probably have a different computer, so it's hard to use that as a rock-solid example.


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        Naw Helegad, I dont think its the cold weather in Switzerland, unless they are using it outside .

        Can it be a simple issue of poorly set thermal paste?


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          Dunno. I haven't opened up the CPU.


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            This is weird. Now the CPU is hitting about 40C, in the same environment. Nothing's changed. Listening to Gorecki, browsing the web. This is a strange sonovabitch.


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              laptops run hotter than desktop. my laptop and many of my friends hit 65 while gaming. if your that concerned take it apart and put some higher quality thermal paste between the processor and the heatsink. i recommend arctic silver


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                I hit 105 while gaming ;)

                There's definitely a problem, and I'm gonna take it into a repair store on Monday if I can.


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                  Well, it's getting better. I set up my own laptop cooling pad (a hollow cardboard box with a desk fan under it; quite ingenious actually), and it gets around the 90s usually while gaming heavily (GTAIV is very CPU dependent, and that's the sort of temps it gets).

                  I'm happy

                  That picture is the lowest I've ever seen it gone.