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What's In Your Wallet? (No, im not trying to advertise Capital One)

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  • What's In Your Wallet? (No, im not trying to advertise Capital One)

    As of today:
    $29.00, A Smackdown VS RAW 2006 reservation, and an ID.

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    License, Bank Card.....I dont carry cash at all really.


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      I.D. and that's it. Blew all my money on RE4.


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        I don't carry cash.

        - Bank Card (EFTPOS - Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale)
        - Student Discount Card
        - Shareholder Discoun Card
        - Post Office Box Key (>_>)
        - Blockbuster Staff Card
        - Play-Asia Coupons


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          a canadian $5 bill, handgun carry permit, drivers license, social security card, regal cinemas card, food city card, ebgames discount card, pictures of Rachel, hot topic 10% off card, silver dollar from my friend Dan for "good luck"


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            Social Security Card Carryage = bad idea!


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              true, but I've never lost my wallet and it's not like anyone would leave alive with it after attempting to mug me.


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                You and your "People going to mug me 24/7" mentality lol.


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                  - School ID
                  - Voter's ID (is a legal ID in Mexico)
                  - ATM Card
                  - Metro Tickets
                  - Ensurance Card (dont know if i spelled it right )
                  - Like 200 pesos ($18.00 US dollars aprox.)

                  And that's about it...

                  "I miss the days when we just cared how cool an enemy was rather than critiquing and analyzing everything to death." - Shield Key


                  • #10
                    - 2 Capital One cards
                    - Hudson City Bank Card
                    - Bank of NY ATM Card
                    - Bank of NY Debit Card
                    - Mobil Gas Card
                    - Social Security Card
                    - Coconuts Gift Card...?
                    - Mastercard Debit GiftCard with probably like 14 cents on it.
                    - 3 Best Buy gift Cards
                    - Rockleigh Golf Membership Card
                    - High School ID
                    - Driver's License
                    - Community College ID Card...? Not sure why that's there
                    - Triple A card
                    - Another Mobil Gas Card
                    - Blue Cross Shield Insurance Card
                    - Key to my lock box
                    - $87

                    Don't steal my identity plzkthxbai.


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                      Nikovich, aren't you scared that with all the awesome stuff in that wallet your gonna get robbed/?


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                        No one knows what's in my wallet but me. Also I rarely carry my wallet around, all the places around here take Marist Money, so I just carry my school ID. Also I haven't been training various disciplines of fighting for the past 15 years to just let someone take my wallet.


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                          34 cents
                          2 arcade tokens
                          old highschool report card
                          EB Games card
                          piece of paper with me and this girl talking
                          college ID
                          Drivers license
                          highschool ID x2
                          movie ticket stub for the ring 2
                          Russian metro pass
                          Bedrock City Comic Company card
                          old highschool late slip
                          old highschool schedule
                          piece of paper with an email on it
                          old DPS Provisional Permit
                          a page ripped from a playboy mag with a woman that looks suspiciously like my old English teacher
                          Double Daves Pizza VIP Card
                          1 dollar bill signed: a dollar to my name
                          fortune cookie fortune
                          100 rubbles, Russian money
                          Putt Putt Funhouse Savers Card
                          Movie Ticket stub for Shaun of the Dead
                          another piece of paper with an email
                          gamestop value card
                          Shaun of the Dead; Shauns ID Card
                          Shaun of the Dead: Shauns ID Card with my name on it (lol, cosplay)
                          another fortune
                          EB Games check for RE Survivor bought a few days ago...

                          I think I win this contest lollerskates!


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                            $ 37.01 (lol)
                            Drivers license
                            Military Drivers license
                            Military ID
                            Maxed out TYAD visa
                            Maxed out Sears visa card
                            TYAD FCU Debit card
                            Pnc bank debit card
                            business card from a place i bought clear cornors from years ago
                            print out of info from dodge ram i never bought
                            Sams Club ID
                            ATM Reciepts dating back 2 years
                            social security card
                            an empty sheetz gas card stolon off dot
                            reciept from 9/9/99 for dreamcast purchase (...)
                            piece of paper with all my work passwords


                            • #15
                              - Jonathon Jnr The Turtle has pride of place in my purse. Which is a cow which the Cheshire Cat on it. (Who is my hero. One day I wish to cultivate that level of mania.)

                              - About £5 in pennies

                              - A light up card

                              - Bank cards

                              - Photo of my Godson. There only in the hope his mother never dies because if she does, I'm fucked.

                              - A Shao Kahn phone card.

                              - China White paper card which I am not really sure what it does/is.

                              - Game/HMV/Tesco (!) reward card

                              - Blood donor card

                              - Promo card thing for my friends band.