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What do you prefer Marriage through love, or traditional ??

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    This topic did remind me of a guy i saw on tv. He said he would never marry. He saw it all around him.....women are like sirens.....doooooooooooooooo this dooooooooooooooo that doooooo this doooooooooooooo that. Couldn't help it but i cracked up laughing when i saw that.


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      thanks for every body


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        the whole idea behind arranged marriage is pretty much your parents making the decision for you based on the other person's family like carnivol said.

        they'll look at wealth, reputation of the family, morals, in some cases caste etc.

        they'd find a husband or wife and they'd make the two people meet when they're in their pre teens. after that, the priest will check astronomical charts to see if they're good or not for eachother, also when preparing for the marriage ceremony he'll check the time and date to make sure it's inauspicious or not.

        a lot of work's put into an arranged marriage, usually people end up staying together for life and growing to love the other person. but i think it can either end up good or bad. i've seen a lot of arranged marriages work, and a lot fail.

        in indian culture it used to be really strict with marriage being that the woman would have to stay with her husband. in really ancient law it used to be if the husband died the woman could never remarry, divorce was also frowned upon. it's traditional, as when you look back at previous american history, divorce was frowned upon as well. she would just have to wait for her time until she was rejoined back with her husband in death. because they say that kind of bond is eternal.

        i've been proposed to plenty of times, but my parents aren't the real deal indians like from india. they're from south america, we're about several generations down from those ancestors. so i don't have to worry about arranged marriage because we assimilated with the times.

        but if i did have to choose one, it'd probably be based on love.
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          Arranged marriage is a travesty and I hang my head in absolute shame of anyone who practices it.
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            I like the idea that some hot woman would be forced to marry me.


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              Originally posted by Yalmuk View Post
              I like the idea that some hot woman would be forced to marry me.

              Thanks man, that gave me a very hearty laugh.