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xbox 360 video playback question ?

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  • xbox 360 video playback question ?

    can someone tell me what formats the 360 can run ? i-e will the-horror's HD videos run on the 360 ? (does the 360 even support mp4 ?) or GameTrailer's HD videos ?

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    Yes. It'll run them. Though, some content (DivX/XviD, specifically) will require you to download the optional media update from the marketplace (it's free and you'll be directed to the download automatically if you try to run something that's not supported and you haven't already got it), though, I think there was one set of videos at some point on THIA that was encoded with different settings that turned out to be incompatible with the 360. But at least some of the more recent ones + the 4D Executer encodes were tested and worked perfectly fine on 360s.

    The 360 supports pretty much every common standard format. But no softsubs at the moment and no non-standard containers (so no MKV containers or stand alone subtitle script files). In the case of something not being supported by the 360, there are methods to either just transcode the unsupported material (TVersity) or just quick re-encode everything (evt. with hardcoded subs) through something straight forward like GOTsent.

    The 360 will perfectly fine playback your HD video, it'll even play the 1080p HD MP4 streams that are on the PlayStation Network.


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      i've got the media update, downloading the 720p version of the last RE5 trailer, fingers crossed.