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The Fall of Raccoon City

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  • The Fall of Raccoon City

    It was a rainy day in Raccoon City, sunshine was hard to come by in many days since a living hell had been unleashed on my once wonderful town. It all started a week ago, when an “incident” occurred in the “secret” Umbrella labs beneath the city. Many of us in Raccoon City knew what Umbrella was doing down there, but we couldn't say anything about it. Illegal genetic experimentation & viral weaponry research is what was going on under the town. The T-Virus is what led to the horrific events that followed its escape from the “hive”. The “hive” is what the underground labs were called by Umbrella. The Umbrella Corporation had many people employed, as spies, throughout the city. They had people within the Raccoon City police department & City Hall. The Umbrella Corporation even had a mole within the R.P.D. version of a S.W.A.T. team. They are called S.T.A.R.S. or Special Tactics And Rescue Squad. We were on our own, which was a very bad thing. Umbrella had ways of making people disappear. Many of my friends who spoke out against Umbrella vanished without a trace. We filled out missing person forms on them, but got no help at all from the R.P.D.. What in the hell was going on with them & why were they afraid to “protect & serve” their city?

    My name is Logan Greene & I am a reporter for the Raccoon City Post-Dispatch, which is Raccoon City's 3rd largest newspaper. I had taken refuge from the walking dead that had overtaken my city. The group that I am with includes a couple of R.P.D. officers who had refused to help or side with Umbrella. The officers gave me a slew of info on Umbrella & the corruption that went on within the R.P.D.. If I am lucky & I survive this, I may win a Pulitzer for this story. The group I am with is barricaded in a grocery store. We got real lucky with this one, as it has strong steel shutters that come down to cover the windows and doors. Food & water are plentiful so we can survive for days where we are. That is if the shutters & all of us can hold out. We all are under a lot of stress; due to the constant moaning & clawing the undead horde do outside our refuge point. Explosions all over the city are also causing our stress levels to remain elevated. The R.P.D. officers we have with us are well armed have a lot of ammo & weapons taken from their station. They have handguns & various types of high power automatic weapons. They also have many rounds of ammo for those guns. We are well armed & more than able to defend ourselves. I just hope that a rescue party knows that we are here & will get all of us out soon. I have my doubts though, with Umbrella pulling the strings, we may all die here.

    Let me take you back to the day that Raccoon City went from a lively & wonderful town, to the hell on earth it is now. The day was Sunday & I was enjoying some rare downtime in my office. I overheard on my police scanner that some residents were rioting & attacking people. R.P.D. was on the scene & had come under attack by “crazed” people: men, women, and worst of all, children. The police reported that their tazers & bullets were having no effect at all. What transpired over the next few hours was truly horrific. People, who were attacked & were bitten by zombies, died & then became the undead that now rule the landscape of Raccoon City. I called that day, the day of the dead. As people tried to defend themselves, they started fires that now burn uncontrolled throughout the city. The air is now filled with smoke from those fires that were set. Wrecked & abandoned vehicles of all types now block most of the roads in & out of the town. Even the river that flows through the town is blocked by debris. Sunk, half sunk, adrift, & burning boats prevented escape via the river. Half eaten bodies now litter the roads & sidewalks where they were attacked by zombies. The smell is awful, the burning of buildings, vehicles & bodies. The rotting of flesh & the sight of blood soaked roads & sidewalks. It truly is hell on earth.

    Umbrella is not helping at all. They have built a wall around Raccoon City to “contain the incident.” Also, they have armed guards on top of the wall & are under orders to “shoot to kill” anyone who tries to leave the city. The order goes for anyone infected or not. The Umbrella Corporation sure knows how to protect their ass. The poor people of Raccoon City didn’t stand a chance. Our hospitals were completely overwhelmed & unable to deal with this incident. The Raccoon City E.M.S. crews had no clue what they were dealing with when they picked up victims of zombie attacks. Most of the ambulances never made it to a hospital, as they were attacked by patients who died while enroute & reanimated. The ones that did make it to a hospital, only added to the zombie population. The reanimated patients attacked & bit the doctors & nurses that were unaware of their condition or the virus that they had in them. The other patients in the hospital were also bitten & soon thereafter became zombies themselves. The Raccoon City Fire Dept. crews were attacked when they responded to put out the fires started by residents or zombies. Even the R.P.D. & S.T.A.R.S. were not immune to the hell unleashed by Umbrella & were unable to survive the zombie’s attack. The R.P.D. fell within a few hours of the massive undead populations attack.

    As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, we all now had a new problem to deal with. Umbrella had the power & water lines shut down. Now we were in the dark & the cold. Also our water supply would run out within a day or so. The bottles of water & other fluids we had, were being saved for emergency use only. Now we had to rely on them now, for our very survival. Umbrella, we all thought, had it in for those of us who had survived. I guess Umbrella wanted everyone in Raccoon City dead & would go about it by any means necessary. We were now in deeper trouble than before & all of us were now in serious danger of dying. If not by a zombie, then it would be from starvation or exposure. By now, Raccoon City was a land of the dead. I knew that there were possibly pockets of survivors, but we had no way of knowing if they were alive or not. Also, we had no way of reaching them anyway. Those groups or single survivors most likely took their own lives, rather than become a zombie. They might have done that out of despair as well. I now made it my goal to survive & make sure Umbrella paid dearly for this. After all, if the Umbrella Corporation hadn’t gone & reopened the “hive” to “find out what went on down there”, none of this stuff would have ever happened. I would see the end of the Umbrella Corporation & that they would never, & I mean never, be able to come back. I would make sure of that.

    Now it was 28 days later & we were running low on supplies, such as ammo, food & water. A couple in our group decided to see if the could make it out of Raccoon City somehow. Umbrella’s “death squad” made sure that never happened. They gunned down the former members of our group in cold blood. We came to realize that we would be next, it was only a matter of time, we all thought. Then 2 days later, a very nice & completely unexpected thing happened. While out on a patrol, we saw one of Umbrella’s choppers land at the R.P.D. stations helipad. I guessed that they had been sent in to see if anyone was still alive. We all watched as they left the helicopter on stand-by & unattended. Then Umbrella’s squad left to conduct their search for us or other groups of survivors. I guessed that their mission was to search for & eliminate anyone left alive. I came to that conclusion after seeing how heavily armed the group was. We all then quietly hopped onboard the helicopter. One of the R.P.D. officers in our group was a former Army pilot. He powered up the chopper & quickly got us airborne. We never looked back. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. It would have just made me sad at the great loss I suffered. All the family & friends that I lost, due to Umbrella & their carelessness.

    A month after our escape, Umbrella was formally charged & found guilty in the deaths of everyone in Raccoon City. My testimony made the case against the Umbrella Corporation stronger. I liked to think of it as the final nail in the coffin, so to speak. The U.S. government made sure that the verdict stood “for all time.” The Umbrella Corporation was finished, for good & its leaders jailed for the rest of their lives without the possibility of parole. Raccoon City & its status, after much deliberation, would be leveled to the ground by a tactical nuclear missile. This was after an order from the White House & the President himself. On the morning of January 7th 2000, a B-2 Stealth bomber launched the missile that destroyed Raccoon City. There was nothing left standing, as Raccoon City was literally wiped off of the map. The “hive” was sealed & was completely destroyed by explosives that were placed inside of the “hive” & were remotely detonated. That act was the last bit of business at what was Raccoon City. Me, I moved to a different town & picked up the pieces of my life. The other surviving members of our group did this as well. We all stay in touch, mainly to keep the memory of Raccoon City & what transpired there alive. The memory of what happened in Raccoon City will forever haunt me. I will never forget it, ever. I am now a television reporter for the city of Denver. My work on Raccoon City won me the Pulitzer Prize. I only accepted it in honor & memory of all the former residents of Raccoon City. This is the last report on Raccoon City & the horror of what went on there. Nothing else will be written on it & none of us will let a movie be made about it. This is Logan Greene signing off.

    I wrote this while on a family trip, this is purely my fanfic-type story on Resident Evil. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!! Note: there are many zombie movie references in this story!!

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    Excellent work here, hun. You should get an account on if you have anymore stories to post.

    I'm a fan of OCs as they offer a fresh perspective on the storyline. Your visual descriptions are also very wonderfully detailed. I can really sense the tension building during Raccoon's downfall. As wonderful as it was for Logan to escape the city, I'm sure its an experience he'll never forget.


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      im not a staff memeber here but i think this topic is suppose to be in the RE section known as "the umbrella labs"
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        Nah, I figured it was better off here since it's fanfiction.

        Nice work, by the way.


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          Originally posted by Darkmoon View Post
          Nah, I figured it was better off here since it's fanfiction.

          Nice work, by the way.

          my bad darkmoon

          btw this is good
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