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    Hey guys,

    This is a very different topic on THIA but I was always interested to see if any like minded individuals are out there!

    Do any of you do any forms of Martial Arts? (Remember COMBAT ARTS form good ole KARATE-do, MMA, to highschool wrestling and/or boxing?)

    As for me I've done: Karate Aikijujutsu Kenjutsu Kenpo BJJ Panatukan and Kali. I will be starting Shorin Ryu Karate, Kung Fu San Soo and Brazilian Jiu Jutsu!

    If no one is a Martial Artist here oh well

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    I was doing Shotokan for 10 years and I had been involved in five Hellenic tournaments. Won two medals one gold and one silver.


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      I'm not really into them, but I've always had some serious interest in Bajiquan/Hakkyoku Ken, but that's more on the appreciation side then on the "I wanna practice it" side.


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        Shotokan is a great art form. Was it traditional Shotokan?

        I've actually decided to stay with Kali, Panatukan, BJJ, and Empty Hand Koryu Shinkai Karate instead of changing schools.

        I miss the traditional martial arts with all the MMA fad I wish I could find some Japanese Jujutsu.

        On the other hand I'm really glad to see RE5 buff up the Physical Techniques.


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          I'm actually a huge practitioner of Ying Yeung and Mian Chuan.


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            Got to Brown Belt in Shotokan but quit when I was 16, was Orange in Wado Ryu, but haven't done anything serious in awhile, practised boxing, Tiger/Crane Style Kung Fu and Chinese boxing in my fresher year of uni but pulled out once the prices were raised.

            Been meaning to get back into any kind of martial art to keep fit again however.


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              Did nobody learn anything from Indiana Jones?

              See you in hell.


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                me and my pro practice MMA style fights...he cheats while i idolize grapple arts


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                  5 years of Tae Kwon Do, and two years of Aikido. I had to stop or go to physical therapy twice a week due to a back injury, in addition to 2-3 days of attending training sessions.

                  I've been doing Systema since it's not strenuous on my back, but I'm focusing more on weight training and cardio to keep in shape.


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                      Awesome that there are so many Martial Artists here! Good to know.

                      Systema is amazing! BTW