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  • Selling a bunch of stuff including a very rare Biohazard 1 PSX poster. All items pictured in this directory. Make me an offer!


    • I happen to have an extra copy of Bio Hazard for Sega Saturn (Japan). Comes with obi and survey card, but missing a red ratings sticker which should have been on the front. Send me a PM if interested.
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      • I'm looking for a 60GB PS3. I am selling my 240gb Ps3! I want a perfect ps3 so the 60gb is it!
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        • sent an offer DOT


          • im looking to sell a vinyl or plastic statue of fujiko from lupin the 3rd, i'll add photos later but im asking 20+shipping

            i will ship only in the US but if its not much i will also ship to canada and the UK if i can find a shipping method
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            • Anyone want to buy my 360? Its a 20GB pro. Its a new console from the repair factory, I believe an Opus board. Dated 5-1-2008 on the back of the console. Haven't had any issues with it, but I just bought an Elite, so I have no use for this now (y helo thar HDMI). I'll take any offers!

              $130 seems like the going rate? I'll include:
              Wireless Controller
              Headset (wired)
              Play and Charge kit (battery kinda sucks though..)
              Power Supply (203 Watt, still the same from when I bought my original in ..2006ish?)
              20GB HDD (Same HDD from 2006ish)

              I also have the original box too, so I can probably pack it all up nicely. Lemme know.
              Edit: I'm in the US, so its a US model.
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              • Resident Evil Deadly Silence (Case + Game, no manual, case doesnt have that shiny-newness at all heh) - 16$

                Sega Nomad - 55$ (READ THE DETAILS!)

                Dragon's Lair Blu-ray SIGNED BY CREATORS - 65$

                Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 PCB - 85$
                Has ROM error that Im told is easily fixable. Does not effect gameplay (Or if it somehow does, me and a ton of other people have missed it totally). People backing me up here.

                Ninja Gaiden & Pro Wrestling Playchoice-10 Games - 75$
                Games were working when pulled from the cabinet many months ago, haven't been tested since.


                • This is a tentative sell, depending on what offers I get but it's sorta hogging up space. I have a broken 360, it was originally bought at Christmas 2007 and I believe the motherboard to be Zephyr (not 100%, but it has HDMI and when I checked it before it wasn't a Falcon one).

                  It wasn't a RROD, it comes on, but it gives out no picture or a bright pink/green picture. Probably a graphics card. It won't have a HDD drive or controllers, but it'll come with power cables and the AV cables (not HDMI). Probably ideal for someone looking for spare parts.

                  I wanna see what sort of offers I get before I think about selling it.


                  • I'm selling all of my Promo discs. They should be self explanatory as to what they contain. I'm looking for $40 for each of these, but I may be able to offer a discount on them if you buy a lot.

                    Pics all in here:


                    • DOT,I send you a PM with my wishes and my offer!
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                      • Here's some items that I'm looking to sell.
                        Please PM me offers for consideration.


                        True Story Behind Biohazard - Rare 1997 promo book.

                        Promo Biohazard 2 Herb tea bag set. Green, blue and red.

                        Biohazard 3 Survivor Files - Rare promo booklet.

                        Biohazard 1&2 Memory card sticker set.

                        Biohazard 5 promotional leaflet (Xbox360 version)

                        Biohazard Degeneration Cinema leaflet.

                        Biohazard Degeneration Video leaflet.

                        Biohazard 3 CAUTION tape (used in stores to promote the game).

                        Biohazard CVX/5th anniversary store promo items set.
                        Complete set. Includes unused adhesives, and communication from Capcom!

                        Biohazard CV promo metal card. 'Let me Live' logo on the back.

                        Biohazard 5 game cover - shop display version Unused


                        • I just beat Uncharted 2 and am not interested in multiplayer, so is anyone interested in my copy?

                          55 shipped in the US.

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                          • I'm looking to sell a couple of my toy biz figures. I bought these from the UK, thinking they were in good condition but they weren't. The only problem is that they are still in their boxes etc but the boxes are in bad condition, such as bends, outter plastic coming away from the box etc. The figures are in mint condition and would suit any loose collector or boxed that wouldn't give a dam.
                            The ones that are horrible to keep for a MIB collector is the William that transforms from G3-G4 and Ada. I have Hunk, Mr X etc that are in alright condition but if someone wanted them also then I would consider selling them also, so I can buy a mint collection in the future (I hope).
                            I shall post a picture of the william, if you wish for pictures on the other figures then please let me know. I have two Williams and two Ada's if anyone wanted more then one of that figure for some reason and sorry about the toe in the picture.
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                            • My old iPhone for sale :

                              Free shipping for US THIA members, just PM me if you win


                              • Accepting offers for a sealed Biohazard Degeneration Limited Edition Blu-Ray boxset (with Angela's Diary, G-Curtis model etc)
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