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    if ya have a import system try to find the biohazard version becasue they have guncon support
    The PAL version 'Survivor' has gun support too (the Bio version has a little more blood).
    I love using the gun, I can't imagine just playing it with the controller. The guncon controls were really innovative and work great IMO.

    I also agree with Mr.Spencer and Rosetta. Bring back Bruce, Fong and Ark!!!

    Fong Ling was working for the Chinese government. I thought that was an angle that should have been continued and expanded on. If China was monitoring Umbrella's activities, they could have wanted a piece of the action and either stolen Umbrella scientists or begun working on BOWs of their own.
    That could have led to many a story to tell...


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      also up next week will be a top 5 best human villians special... and im sad to say wesker, is not no 1