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    I had sort of an RE dream earlier this evening when i was napping. It's kind of weird...I was at my aunts house and I found out that she had lived next to S.D. Perry, so I tried to convince her to let me go to her house to get an autograph...

    I took my Umbrella Conspiracy (the first one she wrote) next door and as she was checking her mail I went up to her and asked for her autograph...

    At this point the dream got weird because I had the television on the history channel before i fell asleep and in my dream S.D. Perry had opened my book and started writing things in it about what i was hearing on televsion while sleeping. There was a show on about nostradamus so in my dream she was writing about the end of the world and how it tied in with Resident Evil...

    Thats pretty much all I remember, I have to remember to turn the tv off before I go to sleep so I won't be dreaming about nastrodamus or even worse, that free credit guy...ugh..


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      Before RE5 came out, I had a few dreams about it. Was kind of annoyed, because they actually spoiled the entire game which I realized when I got to see it (watched Dot online) before I had a chance to play it.

      Recently, have had nightmares... about Leon of all things going insane over something about his hair - fairly glad to have been woken up from that one. And more or less the one I had last night - probably caused by re-reading the S.D. Perry novels... Wesker sitting in his hideout reading them and going through them with markers on every spelling mistake and sections that make absolutely no sense (the car scene, written in such a confusing manner merging the two scenes and some of the things Wesker has said "Is your sister hot..."), before finally getting to the Code Veronica novel and throwing it. He then dug up information on her, tracked her down and left his hideout... I can only assume to what he did after as by that time, I had woken up. ((I haven't got anything against the novels, just a couple of things irked me a tad)).

      Also VanRedgrave13, I think we've had the same dream. That, or I've played Code Veronica too much again.
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        I always have zombie apocalypse night mares. *shudders* Damn, I hate zombies.


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          I had a dream I was Ada once, and I was throwing potted plants at zombies. Then I went around the corner of some house and Leon was trying to get up on the roof then her wrapped and arm around me...

          I don't remember the rest.