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AT&T-so easy you can cook while doin it

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  • AT&T-so easy you can cook while doin it

    so i just set up my long distance with caller ID while cooking deal and they were so nice while i was doin it. i was able to cook and drain pasta, cut and cook onions and bacon, open a can of sauce and set it all up while doing it.

    and they even rolled my bill back so i can start fresh for march.

    all in all with the great internet and wireless modem i got its a great time to sign up with AT&T

    GRade: A

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    AT&T are horrible. They over-charge so much for everything. At least there's no bandwidth cap...yet.


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      actually im paying less for my internet than i was with my cable company. i had to pay them nearly 90 a month for 6.0 mbps, im paying 36 for the same service