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The "Sandwich" vid.

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  • The "Sandwich" vid.

    Didn't know where else to post this other than here. I filmed an RE fan video about the classic "Jill sandwich" joke. It ended up being much more...

    Here it is if you want to see it... <I'm playing Jill by the way, and yes I know I look nothing like her and this is supposed to be goofy. Feel free to rate, comment, and tell all your friends!

    Tomorrow I'm filming a sequel to this about the "herbs" in the games. It should be alot better than this.
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    well its...entertaining so


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      That was pretty boring + slow paced.

      I enjoyed the Holy Diver intro, even though it was a cover


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        The audio quality was pretty doody, so I can't honestly say I laughed...because I couldn't hear what you were saying. >_>


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          Well next time I will make sure to do better with the audio! lol That was the first time I ever edited a video and we didn't know what we were doing till we filmed it so we made up stuff as we went! I originally had a script, but it didn't work with my not so enthusiastic cast.

          Tomorrow we shall make a funnier one!


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            Ho-oh my CODD!