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Outbraaake on HDTV (my stupid topics part2)

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  • Outbraaake on HDTV (my stupid topics part2)

    I don't know if it's psychological. It seems setting the PS2's screen output to 16:9 format, setting it up through component cables, setting the tv itself to 4:3 and the TV to game mode, gave me results nearly as good as my old CRT if not better.

    So far, games that look good are: Outbreak.

    Is this normal, or did I buy a lousy TV?
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    I am not a technical expert, but I had to do a bit of messing around with my HDTV settings to get PS2 looking good. Just setting it to Game mode may not be enough, depending on your TV you may have other settings in the mode that you can change to improve it. My TVs Game Mode was oddly not set for optimized fast moving images. It just depends on your settings and TV. My PS2 games didn't look so hot at first either until I switched to component, now they all look great.


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      I did use component first. I've had component on a CTR for years, it made a huge difference in colour range. But it didn't really look hot on the HDTV til I switched the PS2 to 16:9. Now, I'm almost considering getting a bigger screen before the servers are dead. It's a blast to play on a huge tv.


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        My PS2 looks really fuzzy on my HDTV, and i hadn't even thought for a second that there'd be a component cable for the PS2, will have to look around!


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          If you have a PS3 one, it works just fine and vice versa.