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  • Resident Evil 5 Fanlisting

    Since IDK where else to post this. But I just finished up the TFL-approved fanlisting for RE5, for anyone who enjoys joining them. o/

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    Oh, my God! It's so pretty! I love the multiple header images, d00t. The time you put into this FL is noticeably wonderful, and I'm joining right nao!

    I have, like, no free time these days, but I definitely want to donate codes for you, so I'll try my best to help out with at least a few!

    By the way, you settled on a wonderful name for the FL. I love it! :3


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      ;o; Thank you! Sob I could not decide on one image so was like OKAY SCREW IT I WANT LIKE EVERY CHARACTER EVER IN IT. Watch the RE5 artbook come out now and have one perfect image and my head explode. BUT YAY I AM GLAD IT LOOKS COOL.

      And haha yes, codes would be kick ass from many people. I suck so hard at making not only codes, but pretty codes. I see ones on other FLs and am just like WHY CAN'T I DO THAT?