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    I already said this before, but again, I think Milla has an excellent singing voice. I only ever managed to obtain one of her CDs, The Divine Comedy, but it's really quite excellent. She certainly had her own sound, and I wish she had stuck to a music career.

    That song that she sang for, uh... Underworld (I think?) was atrocious, though. It didn't mirror any of her former music.


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      Loved her in the Fifth Element and she was also in one of my favorite movies Dazed and Confused. She is a okay actor just needs to get away from Anderson. I mean he makes shitty movies and is banging her. He needs to die.


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        Milla Jovovehvovoeveh - Gentlemen Who Fell

        Yeah this is certainly her own sound. Not bad at all, though I don't know whether to feel intrigued or laugh my ass off, it's insane ("I feel your closeness, like a shotgun, chewing inside my soul"). And now it's stuck in my head. I guess it's because of my reservations/built-up images from the RE films but when she went from black dress to stark naked covering her breasts in one cut I couldn't hold in the laughter.

        Oh and the video's an homage to the Maya Deren film Meshes of the Afternoon, which is an experimental oneiric short film. You could probably find it somewhere online, besides that it's scarcely available. I was lucky enough to see it when I took a course on avant garde films.
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          ^Oh, yes! "Gentleman Who Fell" is probably my favorite track on her The Divine Comedy CD. It's so pretty. I love the folk-sound to it. It's so enchanting, and the music video is really gorgeous as well. Judging from the video, that short film you mentioned sounds really interesting. I might have to try and dig it up.