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  • The Tony Awards

    Anybody else tuning in tonight? Going to a party/after-party for the show I work at, and am super excited to watch it tonight.

    Of course this is also a suggestion if you have no plans tonight to watch it, since it sounds like it's going to be an ass kicking good time. Crossing my fingers that we bring back something shiny.

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    My interest in Broadway is pretty sporadic. I was lucky enough to see a bunch of plays/musicals in 6th grade because my homeroom teacher was an aficionado. Plus I've seen The Producers multiple times (both times w/ Lane and Broderick), which was cool, among other plays/musicals that I could probably dig around my mind to remember.

    I caught the Tonys last year but I was disappointed that Passing Strange didn't win more than just Best Book. I don't think I'll watch them tonight as there's nothing I've seen in the past year. My parents might turn it on though.


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      My general interest lies in where I am working. XD Last year I worked at Cry-Baby: The Musical mostly (and subbed around so got see some others that were nommed that year). I haven't seen too many this season because I've been working super steady at Rock of Ages. But they are fun to watch to get a taste of what's around this season. Eg: I never worked at The Lion King or seen it yet, but I was totally wowed at their opening last year.


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        This kid from my hometown is nominated...he's one of the three kids who play as Billy Elliot. I don't know him personally but I knew his sisters. His last name's Kowalik, I know that for sure.
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          Okay so while the Billy Elliot sweep was somewhat expected, it was very underwhelming. Probably because there are so many really good shows around right now, and Billy Elliot, while positively acclaimed, really doesn't outshine them by as much as people think it does. The shows, particularly the musicals nominated were all very good to theater-goers, so all really had the potential to win - many people think more of them should have won more. Especially since the four shows nominated for Best Musical are all so not like the others, so all had their unique awesomeness.

          The opening number I did like a lot. Of course my job bias had me rooting for Rock of Ages, and they were great. Unfortunately Bret Michaels from Poison, who was with them in the opening got injured because he mistimed his mark and was hit in the head with a prop coming down to switch to the next show. Thankfully he is okay.

          And the Rock of Ages performance itself was adorable. Sexually harassing Liza Minelli sort of made my life (they do it to a random girl in the audience every night). And the pan out into the audience waving the lighter-shaped LED flashlights that the theater hands out to people every night was so pretty.