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    I was thinking about this the US the minimum wage in most states comes out to around $7-$8 an hour, so an average 40 hour work week results in a chump check of about $270-$320 a week. Add that US employees are lucky to have one week of vacation a year and have only a small handful of holidays off.

    So tell me is the grass greener on your side of the world?

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    Minimum wage over here is 9.50, last time I checked.

    But I *think* we have more taxes here compared to the US anyways
    (for someone taking business in university, I know jack about the economy both in and out of Canada )


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      British minimun wage is £5.70 an hour, or two hundred and twenty eight a week when working fourty hours. That is apparently $9.50 an hour. But yeah, we then get beaten shitless by the taxman.


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        Minimum wage is close to 2EUR here, about 2.5USD an hour so that makes about 100 bucks a week. The income tax is 22%, regardless of ones income level so we dont get chopped as bad. Theres also a 1 month long paid vacation guaranteed for every employed person, usually taken twice a year in 2 week periods. Every employed person also has medical insurance.

        What this really means is that people who make minimum wage here, usually dont have much left after they have paid for rent and utilities, however, theres really no poverty here, just a lot less travelling to places like Egypt, Mallorca and whatever stupid "paradise resort" you can think of.


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          I just looked it up.

          $14.31AU per hour // $543.78AU per week.
          = $11.42 USD // 434.224 USD per week.
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            A typical "bottom of the list" full-time job (40 hours a week) here in Norway would pay you about $750 pr week, pre-tax. Giving you roughly $15.5 pr hour.
            You also have the benefit of vacation pay (as long as you don't run your own company), which is something around 11%~12% of what you earn (which gets paid out during the month of June, along with your normal salary for that month.

            Don't remember the exact minimum it's legal to pay someone for work here, but I believe it's something close to $10~$11 pr.hour.
            Under normal circumstances, you'd work 8 hours during a day, with one hour lunch and you about 4 weeks (well, 25 days) of vacation to use pr. year + a few random bank holidays here and there (depending on whether or not your work is affected by the bank holidays. In some cases you'll just be paid %100, or more, overtime for work done during those days).

            Taxes are based on your income level, but I guess something like 33%~36% might be where the average is (to then get some nice pocket money returns around summer to go with that vacation money... or a slap in the face telling them they paid too little)

            This might seem like a whole lot, but keep in mind that the rest of the local economy here reflects this, but then again... Norway has a bad(?) habit of topping the lists of high 'n' good standards


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              I work full time (37 hours a week) and I get about £16,000 a year, not sure how much that is an hour, I think my wage is £8-9 an hour. I know my annual pay is something between 16,000-17,500, not sure of the exact amount. Temporary workers get paid a pittance compared to us, it's a shame how someone who does exactly the same job gets paid less with less benefits and less annual leave.


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                Min wage at a supermarket can be £4.68 for under 18's and £5.50 for over 18's, this is in England by the way. I get paid £6.59 an hour, where newer people would be on £5.50, which is a little unfair I guess.
                With working 12 hours a week, I get around 3 weeks off holiday with pay. Also if I do alot of overtime for the company in the whole year, I get additonal holiday hours, which could add up to taking 3 more days off, which is good.
                If I didn't get tax and National Insurance then i'd walk away with around £80 a month extra.
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                  Here in Mexico minimum is 54 pesos per day (that is like $4 US bucks per day). Usual labour time is 8 hours...

                  So it's like $100 US by month... grass is obviously not green here.
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                    Still in the interview phase, but should I get the job im after it'll be £27,000 a year.
                    But it'd mean 60+ hours a week, nightshifts and overtime in the process.
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