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  • Yeah, Not surprised. Chavez seems desperate to hold onto power now that his 'cancer' is gone.


    • So...not been a great few days.

      I was supposed to be in hospital, getting some minor surgery done today. It's been pushed back because they basically decided I had to repeat a session I did 6 months ago. So fuck alone knows when I'm going to get in a get this done, but I suspect it'll be gone a year.

      The local council, in there wisdom, has decided that I don't need a bigger bin. But they can't take my old bin away - oh no - because that bin is too full and the lid is open. So what do they expect me to do with my rubbish? 'Cos I tell you what I am doing - piling it up around my fucking bin until they take it away.

      Oh, and some local morons in KFC decided that yelling racial slurs was a good way to make me buy them chicken. When that didn't work and they instead got mocked (yes, I know, not a great reaction) they decided that clearly, telling me they were going to cut my throat would get them delicious chicken. I told them they were free to try. Apparently, they forgot the many knives they usually carry incase they decide to pick on someone six inches taller and weighing more than them combined, so one decided to hit me. With one of those plastic yellow things with 'Wet Floor' on it. I saw him coming, said 'Really?' with a look of disain, turned away, got hit in the head, turned back and said, 'Really?' again and smiled. Apparently that wasn't the expected response, since he looked like he was about to shit himself. We have therefore discovered that yellow plastic is not my weakness. Cross it off the list.

      They got slung out, cops were called, etc. Don't expect anything to come off it but it annoyed me...both the attack and my own behaviour. Yes, they were fucking morons. I didn't have to aggravate things though. They weren't any danger to me, and I had our own Enrico with me, whose not much smaller than me and, fortunately for them, not the one they hit. If they'd hit him they'd have no teeth. thing that annoys me I plan to respond to with white hot, incandescent rage that will vaporise the UK and much of Europe and leave the rest of the world in a semi-Nuclear ice age that shall be known by those that survive as the Age of Jon's Wrath. That sound like a plan? 'Cos it sounds like a plan to me.



      • I await the Age of Jon's Wrath as I do the return of the Old Ones.

        May death come swiftly to His enemies.
        See you in hell.


        • Originally posted by ylj619 View Post
          Is this trend still applies to the fact showing our anger towards something? If so...
          Well I'm angry towards the libel provision in the newly applied law in the Philippines, the Cybercrime Law, which everyone should have heard right now. If not, well it's normally supposed to be a law meant to do good such as prohibit “cybersex", online child pornography, illegal access to computer systems or hacking, online identity theft, and spamming. But with the libel, the public will not have the right to criticize a politician, government or what not. If they do so, well you have the choice of paying a fine of $1.000.000 or 12 years of imprisonment. The worst part is if you "like" or "retweet" the comment or post that criticizes the politician/government, you'll be fined as well!
          This is considered by many as the E-Martial Law of the country. And it is a bad view for the country since years ago, we fought to remove the Martial Law set up by the late ex-President Ferdinand Marcos.
          What's funny is that the senator who added in the libel clause apparently did so because people were criticizing him online for using plagiarized material (parts of JFK's speech and a blog article) in a speech denouncing a hotly debated and yet-to-be approved law which aims to provide impoverished women with free contraception. So that's basically three wrongs he committed simultaneously. Worse, he doesn't even want to apologize for the plagiarism case since apparently translating it to another language doesn't count as plagiarism. Man, compared to the ones we get, the politicians people get in them first world countries are actually relatively decent.
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          Seibu teh geimu?


          • So yesterday the council decides to come visit. Is it to give me the new bin I've been asking for, and have been trying to get for some months? Noooo. It's to tell me that the rubbish they don't want to collect is causing a health hazard.'re fucking me around when I ask for a bigger bin, then punish me for not having said bigger bin. 'What exactly am I meant to do, please?' I ask the lady as she informs me it's totally unacceptable for my rubbish to be on the street, 'The bin won't hold all the rubbish we produce, I've rung you people every other day this week trying to find out if I'm even getting a new bin and been assured each time that they'll ring me back (they never have). I can't exactly carry it to the dump two miles away, don't have easy access to to a car and can't exactly use a taxi.'

            'Well,' she says, 'You can put it in your back garden.'

            'So rather than dealing with said danger to health and safety yourselves (and, say, giving me a bigger bin) I have to accept those dangers myself, and my children are no longer allowed to go in my back garden, because my bin is so full the lid is open (the entire reason they wouldn't take it)?'

            'Yes. Oh! Or you could pay extra for the us to come and take away your bags.'

            'So I can either loose the use of my backyard, and run into problems with my landlord, storing rubbish in my garden...or I can pay you extra each month to collect it all? Because otherwise you'll fine me, charging me extra anyway?'

            'Well, I'm glad we have that sorted out Mr Garrett. But I'll try and get you a new bin. I'll ring you later about it (she has not).'

            Rage activating in
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            • Bloody council.
              See you in hell.


              • Shut up, Paul... I love your music but please don't tell me what to eat.

                BTW, we're having two Turkeys for dinner this year... one of them is a dead bird.
                Stuff to remember: Avoid forums if you're having a bad day.



                  Hate this shit. I really do.


                  • Im furious because i realized i have an extra class scheduled today, friday 14. its from 18pm to 20pm. useless theme. friday night.


                    • The deaths of 20 children and six adults in an elementary school at the hands of a psychotic piece of shit breaks my heart.

                      I cannot fathom the loss of all those parents, it makes me cry and wish there was something more I could do for them. Donating money, sending an apology, offering any kind of help does not feel like something you can offer to someone whose child was just gunned down by a wretched piece of shit.

                      As I saw pictures of scared children I saw my own nephews there and it really hit home.

                      The cruelty of life can indeed cut deep, and my thoughts and prayers are with everyone who was affected by this.


                      • I feel the same. I don't have children so I can't imagine what people must be going through, but it doesn't make reading it or seeing it hurt any less. Death is too good for the bastard who has done this.
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                        • Time to put more funding in mental health facilities and improve them so that people like this lunatic can get help before they reach the breaking point. That's the more adult solution to this problem I can think of.


                          • Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Sandy Hook Elementary to Praise God for the Shooting.

                            They've seriously gone too far now.


                            • People will find a way to stop them from getting anywhere near their destination.They always do.


                              • What's wrong with those people?