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    *address and info removed*

    This asshole ripped me off. I sold items to him on ebay and 2 months later he says he didnt get them. Then he does a paypal refund and holy shit, he getsh is money back DESPITE ME PROVING THE ITEMS SHIPPED TO HIM. WTF! So I call the USPS to get my money back (thanks insurance) and they tell me he got them on May 23rd! WTF!!!

    Sometime in June he emails me telling me to refund him and he will cancel the refund request! HAH! A couple days later PayPal decides he needs his money back. So now Im out the money and the goods. FUCK YOU ERIC! YOU GODDAMN ASSHOLE!

    I feel like buying a ticket to france, then hiring a local to take me to these addresses..Then when I get there [SIZE="6"]ILL EAT HIM ALIVE!!!![/SIZE]

    To top it off today, I brave asshole drivers who dont realize theres two lanes and just edge their way into mine. Im doing 40, and this asshat decides "Oh shit, I gotta go to the mall!" So he stops dead in the other lane SLOWLY turns his wheels to the left and begins entering my lane, meanwhile im coming around the corner doing 40. Hes in my lane now, and half of the opposing traffics inching along at 3MPH. WTF! I slam on the brakes. I stop about 12 inches from him. I look around and see the guy that was behind him is super pissed at the guy too. I lay on the horn. Asshole finally makes it across the road into the mall.

    But thats not it! I get to my destination: The Cingular store! I want to get my phone activated! Yay finally I can go places with my POS vehicle and not worry about dying from dehydration when it breaks down. But whats this? I dont have credit! That'll be a $500 deposit! Oh no im sorry fuck you. ASSHOLES!

    [SIZE="5"]Feel free to voice your anger about stuff in this thread as well![/SIZE]
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      I banged my ankle against one of my handweights today. It kind of hurt. I wasn't wearing shoes or even a sock.
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        Hah, So I email paypal and tell them the situation. I give them the Insurance number, and tell them to CALL THE USPS in order to confirm. Jackasses reply with:

        The online tracking information you provided shows the following:

        Label/Receipt Number: VG47 5296 146U S

        Delivery status information is not available for your item via this web
        site. A return receipt after mailing may be available through your local
        Post Office.

        Please check your tracking number for accuracy. PayPal requires you provide
        either a valid tracking number or a full refund to the buyer.
        Well no shit jackass, I already said in the email that it wont show on the website, you have to call them. GOD I hate paypal and their canned responses.


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          The fucking hate the goddamn Army. Fuck them, and fuck em all. Fuck the Army, I can't say it enough. They fucking ruined my life, then sent me to Iraq to spend a goddamn year of my life here in this shithole third world country. Fuck Iraq, fuck everyone here.

          Also on top of that, fuck the reason we are here, fuck Bush, and all of his terrorist bullshit nonsense we all believe. Its all a bunch of Bush-it. I fucking hate him. Yeah, thats right, fuck him. Bush ruined any chance the US will ever become a successful country now. Fuck him.
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            Damn right man! You almost dissuaded me from joining the Army! I'm italian tho, so it's a whole different story


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              Im Italian also


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                I'm a blackstar.


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                  let me tell you, about another Ebay user, Shop_ozone, email.

                  Shop_ozone sells only foreign countries not hongkong BUT he is hongkong, do you know why? I read the trust record of this person.

                  "Damn you, I paid him the cash for that good but he had still not sent this to me, that damn shop_ozone!"

                  be careful when you buy things online. because it's too risky

                  Better wait until that person pay before send him goods. or just not decide to sell online.

                  when you sell online you will get this kind of person online that didn't pay any cash.

                  I also found some in yahoo.

                  a germany person sell a Hongkong person a digital camera set, but what he sent is, screwdriver and cockroaches.

                  until now, the german thief/fraud is still not being caught.

                  online transaction isn't recommended. it's not highly recommended. but highly avoided


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                    Online shopping is a risk, but sometimes you have to take it if you want what you see. I take the risk all the time with online shopping, especially over here in Baghdad where I can't get anything. 49 out of 50 items I usually recieve, I don't usually have problems.


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                      Online Shopping here in Brazil is... I might say, I feel really safe when buying anything, even TVs, even in the brazilian "ebay", the Mercado Livre.
                      I think it's safe.

                      But anyway. I'M PISSED OFF BECAUSE I LIVE IN BRAZIL1!!11ONEONE11!111ELEVEN!

                      Damn, I hate this hell hole.


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                        But in some transactions,the seller claim selling A but when it reach to you,it's not really A

                        that is the major risk in online selling

                        Some online people prefer selling items to people not same countries w/ theirs

                        because the risk of getting caught is far lower.

                        Hongkong, I heard a germany seller, choose a HK-Chinese buyer not Deutsche people, claim selling camera set/collection,but sending cockroaches or mouse/mice


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                          here in the MercadoLivre we have a system. You pay the MercadoLivre, they keep the money until you receive the merchandise, when you say the word, they give the money to the seller, if not, you get your money back.


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                            I've been on a real BH 1.5 mindtrack lately, so all I have to say is F YOU CAPCOM! God I want that game so badly. I'd do whatever it took that I could do. Makes me pissed off that after nearly 10 years all I can do is pretty much still just sit waiting...

                            (Yes, 1.5 is just about all I think about >.> )


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                              What about the 0.5?
                              People only care about the 1.5, I would be rather curious to see what capcom did before starting some new franchise.
                              Like DMC, the original version of RE4 turned out to be DMC, and imagine what would be like to play a RE4 with DMC's gameplay?
                              Maybe, just maybe, RE 0.5 was very different from what we know today.