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Virgins and Rejects Film Festival (San Francisco)

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  • Virgins and Rejects Film Festival (San Francisco)

    Hey guys,

    As some of you know, I am currently studying in a film school at San Francisco. My college organize a Film Festival in San Francisco, and we are looking for films submissions.

    The purpose of the festival is to allows first timer (to a Film Festival) or people who have been previously rejected (by a Film Festival) to get their movie on screen (in a Film Festival)!
    You may not be personally interested, but you may know someone who'll be, so spread the word around you

    I know they are a lot of people from various countries visiting this forum so guys, this is your chance too - if your movie got English voices or English subtitles, it's good to go in the festival!

    The submission process requires two steps:
    1) Go to the website, read the submission page, and burn your film on DVD:
    2) Go to the Youtube page and submit your film:

    Have fun and good luck!

    PS: copy-paste or refer to this text as much as you want, in other websites or forums
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