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James Bond thread: Horror redux

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  • James Bond thread: Horror redux

    Ian Fleming’s greatest work ever created; James Bond, the British spy with a license to kill, his legacy is known all across the globe. Seeing how I am sure there are many fans here I thought I will create this thread for all James bond related and discussion. And to get into the spirit I was thinking of starting with a James Bond marathon to get the 007 spirit kicking!

    The Author

    Ian Fleming was a British author and journalist. Fleming is best remembered for creating the character of James Bond and chronicling Bond's adventures in twelve novels and nine short stories. With over 100 million copies sold worldwide, the Bond novels are in the list of best-selling book series [1] Additionally, Fleming wrote the children's story Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and two non-fiction books.

    The legacy

    James Bond was created in 1953, with over twelve novels and two short storied written before Fleming’s death, and countless further notes and ideas left from the creators work, his big debut was in 1962 with, “Dr No”, which soon to become the longest running franchise in the film industry. To this day James Bond is still a huge phenomenon.

    The films
    James Bond Films to date below: 22 in total

    The Sean Connery Collection:
    Dr. No -1962
    From Russia With Love -1963
    Goldfinger -1964
    Thunderball -1965
    You Only Live Twice -1967
    Diamond Are Forever -1971

    Goerge Lazenby:
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service -1969

    The Roger Moor Collection:
    Live And Let Die -1973
    The Man With The Golden Gun -1974
    The Spy Who Loved Me -1977
    Moonraker -1979
    For Your Eyes Only -1981
    Octopussy -1983
    A View To A Kill -1985

    The Timothy Dalton Collection:
    The Living Daylights -1987
    License To Kill -1989

    The Pierce Brosnan Collection:
    Goldeneye -1995
    Tomorrow Never Dies -1997
    The World Is Not Enough -1999
    Die Another Day -2002

    The Daniel Craig Collection:
    Casino Royale -2006
    Quantum Of Solace -2008
    Skyfall - 2012

    General Discussion

    Now the basics are done, let's discuss what and why we love about James bond; the music, gadgets, characters, espionage romantic action, the villains, or even the cars and set pieces. There are many things we enjoy about this series and let's discuss about it here

    So is there anyone up for doing a James Bond marathon to watch together?
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    "But Goldfingah, I thought ya ushed a slahzengeh numbah one."

    So yeah, Goldfinger is my favorite, and while there are a few I've yet to see, I enjoy the films. The booming and shrill brass music to go with GF is a wonderful touch.

    On the subject of Daniel Craig, while I enjoyed Casino Royale immensely for its suspenseful action scenes and engaging plot, Quantum of Solace was dreadful. Not two seconds went by without a cut in some scenes, and the whole thing was unappealing anyway.

    Man I miss Desmond Llewelyn. I can see why the producers ultimately don't want Q in the pictures now. John Cleese was a fun appearance in Die Another Day, but otherwise nothing compared to Llewelyn's portrayal.


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      Desmond Llewelyn's awesome when he was Q, but I do expect to see Q and Money Penny either in the third part or after. Quantum of Solace was an OK film, but definitely not as good compared to the others; too much action I find and not a slower pace compared to the first. I think the third part will do well if it's the same pacing as CR, to set up how he become Jame Bond we know after Solace.


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        I think my personal favourite is still Goldeneye, simply because though his films were pretty goofy and silly, I really loved Brosnan in the role, and Goldeneye has all the hallmarks of a great Bond movie (as well as a truly awesome Sean Bean as a villian).

        That said The Living Daylight is all kinds of amazing too, Dalton is hellishly underrated.

        I think Daniel Craig is great in the role, but it does irk my somewhat that he's praised for being the one actor to really being a darker side to the character and a sense of brutality not yet seen from a Bond actor, yet to me Dalton easily ticked all those boxes some 20 years before. The BIOHAZARD/RESIDENT EVIL Compendium
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          I liked when Pierce Brosnan was 007, I think he was the best of all.
          And now, this lovelly song:


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            Roger Moore is my favorite, followed by Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery. I have a soft spot for Moonraker and The Man With the Golden Gun.


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              My favourite so far is Casino Royale. Daniel Craig is my favourite Bond and I think before that movie, the series had seemed a bit overdone and CR was a reboot and made it feel fresh again. I love the glitz and glam of the casino part and I think it's very intense when they play.


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                I never liked Roger Moore, but Moonraker and Live and Let Die are good movies.

                Goldeneye is a fantastic debut for Brosnan, which is more than I can say for the following movies he's in. Such a great mixture of espionage and comedy.


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                  I never liked Roger Moore either, he made the most bond films and all them were decent with the exception of The Spy Who Loved Me.

                  My favourite bond flicks

                  From Russia With Love
                  On Her Majesty's Secret Service
                  The Living Daylights

                  Btw I heard a rumor that Michael Sheen will be playing Blofeld for the next movie.


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                    Originally posted by aris13 View Post
                    I never liked Roger Moore either, he made the most bond films and all them were decent with the exception of The Spy Who Loved Me.

                    My favourite bond flicks

                    From Russia With Love
                    On Her Majesty's Secret Service
                    The Living Daylights

                    Btw I heard a rumor that Michael Sheen will be playing Blofeld for the next movie.
                    Blofeld would fit well for Quantum, it would hit nostalgia lane. At least with him and Mr White the villains will be awesome. I like all Bonds for several areas, even Majesty's secret service, but I do rank Craig and Connery on top for Bond for their physical and humor interpretations. Dalton gets the cake to portray a more darker side of James like in the novels, he gets a thumbs up for that.


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                      Zombie Fred what about Never Say Never Again. Anyway I think my favorite was Goldeneye because it was the first one I saw and liked Pierce Brosnan. My stepdad is a big fan of the movies and always watches them when there on tv. One of these days I will try to watch some of the older movies.
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                        I only listed the official stuff since it's probablt the best choice to do so, for what would be considered *canon*, even if it had Sean Connery,


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                          I like Connery best for the movies, the books are a lot different from the movies. OHMSS was great and my favorite as a book. I like the books by Ian Flemming better than the films after reading all of them.

                          I haven't payed much attention to the series since Licence to Kill but managed to see Goldeneye in theatres.


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                            I pretty much liked all of them.

                            Except for the early Pierce Brosnan films. I don't really care for him much as an actor. Except in The Matador.


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                              I like the Brosnan, Moore, and Connery films myself. I can't really stand the generic action approach the most recent two Bond films have taken with Craig.
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