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    This was something I found the other day in my old VHS tape collection. What you see here is a clip of Mario featured in a TV game show from Spain called El Gran Juego De La Oca. This program used to air on Telemundo (now called TeleFutura, I believe) back in the mid 1990's, and I used to DIG this show when I was a lot younger.

    Basically there were four adult contestants, two men and two women, and what the game was about was this giant board game based on the centuries-old children's game, Juego de la oca (Game of the Goose). As they played the game, they competed in extreme stunts [at least for the time, =P] in a test of mind, physicality, and courage to win money and prizes. Stunts included activities like diving into a swimming pool to disarm some explosives underwater, or pulling ribbons from wild animals, to name a few.

    In this segment of the show, the contestant "San Pablo" has to rescue Princess DAISY who's trapped inside an iron bar prison. To achieve this, he has to use a frame welder to burn through the metal/iron/copper/whatever, and set Daisy free! Daisy is basically a actress in a costume, just like Mario.

    Apparently, the Spain division for Nintendo (Aptly named Nintendo of Spain) was a sponsor for that program, since they advertised the Mario series periodically through this show (Specifically, the Game Boy portable console I believe, hence Princess Daisy's "appearance" instead of Peach.)

    Just something I'd thought I'd like to share, at least I thought it was neat and interesting seeing that. To make a valid discussion of this, let me ask: Have any of you ever spotted any cameos of your favorite characters from movies, games, comics, etc. in well... other shows, movies, games, etc.? Any neat cameos, or vague ones even? Hint: Doesn't have to follow these suggestions.
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    Yeah! I remember "El Juego de la Oca". Good times .

    There were a few shows about videogames in Mexico...

    On the 90's there was a short show featuring Nintendo games/characters called Nintendomania. It was hosted by "Gus" Rodriguez (if you're a mexican gamer YOU SHOULD KNOW who's him).

    Here are some clips of it:

    More recent, there was a show on national TV called "Hazme Reír" (Make Me Laugh) were local celebrities compete doing parodies and sketches. In one show they featured a sketch about gaming that was quite funny.
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