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  • i dunno where she's from, she looks southern to me. she said she photoshopped the background in, i was just remarking that it looked like ny. besides that's not even their real pic and you know that, just drop it already we don't need to bring these skuzzy fakes back up

    anyway lol seeing that pic with your guitar hero makes me want to take a pic with my bass, i don't even know how to play it it's just decoration right now
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    • I am German and I am thin and gorgeous. I would be careful on who I accuse of false identities, IVY!


      • My photos are here:

        Why fake? you can also see me in or I'd really wish I am fake


        • O.o wow.... *falls over drooling*


          • but we already figured out you were a man Arlumit

            Originally posted by Arlumit View Post
            我本人近來有工作做呀,Leon,無人要hide from you 呀...

            不過你still remember me我真的是很開心呀

            I am really happy that you still remember me and call me out. Sorry Classic_Leon, I haven't online these days because I ...

            ...though not lucky to have my wife turn pregnant but there is sth more important.

            looks like your wish for you being fake came true
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            • I am female. Sorry if you still think I am male. but anyone who know me knew I am female. I am female like you, even if I am prettier than you, SinValentine.

              Even ICe[DDZ] knew that I am female I swear! Those who met me can prove I bet but I believe Ice[DDZ] and some biohazard webmasters should see I am not male.

              Because of Korean actor, Sang-Woo Kwon, I said I am male born 5 August 1976 in this THIA profile.

              but the truth is I am a female prettier than SinValentine, I know you jealous but you don't have to claim me male when there are more than one person who know I am not male.

              I believe when it was 2004-2005 I already told, when people look my myspace profile, that why I use a female and I told them the same thing already.

              It's already 2 yrs ago when Dot50Cal and ChrisM3478 and many many THIA members knew I am female

              You are just a newcomer SinValentine, from ReH! The truth that you don't know (My real gender is a female) does not really mean ALL THIA MEMBERS NOT KNOW

              Read my facethejury profile(Rouge), (w1cht3l),, tagged(w1cht3l),,,

              I don't think you can have more reason to say that you are seeing a male.

              I told Classic_Leon to claim me male in THIA because I don't want to let people to know I am female, that is it, you can also ask Classic_Leon. He also know I am female, Sorry SinValentine!

              When I am Talking to Classic_Leon - I have to say I am male. If I say female then THIA people will think more than before.

              But...the truth is, even if I am real or fake, I am still thinner and prettier than yourself.

              I know that you are only jealous of me, S.Valentine


              • Even if you are who you say you are you look rather average to me , and why do you want people to think your male?


                • women confuse me


                  • What gives you the idea that i'm jealous of you? I'm only stating that it's been brought up tons of times that you're a man, and from the content of all your posts you sound highly conceited. i'm not jealous of transexuals who can get their wives pregnant


                    • again women confuse me


                      • well you're gonna get married one day right it's not that hard to understand girls


                        • well i guess but ur so confusing some times


                          • granted that is true, some girls are just hard to read. one thing i will recommend though, girls don't like clingy guys or pushovers.. well for me anyway. i don't like submissive guys because they bore me


                            • haha good advice me thinks


                              • yah lol what else do you wanna know?