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    Hey I was actually wondering if this thread could be locked and I can just post it when I finish...sorry I caused so much trouble and shit...just wanna try to fix things...


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      Actually, A.K. 47, yours is not really double posting. It just appears as a double post to regular users 'cause Shugotenshi deleted one of his/her own posts. (I'm considering disabling that feature, by the way, 'cause some people have been abusing it to ninja-bump old threads + making a complete mess out of other threads by deleting posts.)

      Anyway, I arranged for an early weekend off for Stu, and A.K.47's got himself an infraction to play with too. Let's not have anymore trouble in this thread. I'm too tired (read: lazy) to read all posts in here right now + to start digging up other people who can be my assisting judging panel for making a few decisions on what to do and all that.


      Also, just saw the first post(s) - Rose: Please don't double (triple) post like that. Use the edit button if you're expanding on content from the first post. If something gets awfully long for one post, use the [ spoiler] [ /spoiler] tags to hide it behind the click of a button in the post itself (for better organizing. Like spoiler tags around each chapter or something). The max letter count per post is pretty high. So exceeding it would take some time.
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        So can you lock this thread or no? lol


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          Yes, we can. And I shall. Hopefully we've all learned lessons here...winding up people will get you banned, and having MSN conversations on the forum aren't a wise plan either.