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Avatar: Which 3D Format is better to see?

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  • Avatar: Which 3D Format is better to see?

    Which of these formats is better to experience Avatar? (Tell me your reasons)

    IMAX 3D

    RealD 3D

    Dolby 3D

    XpanD 3D
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    I've seen it in IMAX3D, and it looks amazing, like, really, really amazing (in my opinion ). Hopefully that helps.


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      IMAX is always the best for 3D.


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        I do agree that IMAX is best for 3D, but really the movie is amazing no matter how you see it.


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          Why do people say IMAX is the best experience? Can you please tell me your reason?
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            Avatar's issue in IMAX is that it wasn't shot at 70MM and the print has been re sized for the screen. It's noticeable if you look.

            But the idea there is that because it takes up more screen you'll get more details, in bigger size, with larger and generally good 3D.

            To the actual answer to this thread, there unfortunately isn't one. Every 3D cinema I've been to thus far is different based on equipment and setup (even how far away the projector is away from the screen, the types of glasses, or hell the framing of the screen itself can impact on the quality).
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              I suppose I said IMAX because that's what I'm used to seeing around here. But it's all pretty similar, and I personally don't like 3D much. It hurts my eyes.


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                I believe my local cinema is a Dolby 3D.

                No general preference. I still think the 3D tech, although nice as an "experience" on its own, has a long way to go. The way this stuff currently works for movies heavily affects the picture quality to the point where I feel it's almost starting to detract from the viewing pleasure of the movie itself. (Remember how the old red/blue-ish 3D tech made colors all wonky? This is like a v2.0 of that issue, but not, since it's a completely different issue...)

                But then again... watching Avatar was more about just watching whatever was on screen, rather than paying attention to the dialog and story.


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                  Which 3D format is the newest?


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                    3D movies blow me mind, as in, I dont even think I can think.
                    Its like I'm not even concious but I know I am haha.
                    It's really, really weird.
                    I saw Avatar in 3D, can't remember what 3D format, though.


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                      Still not seen it but the space presentation and The Simpsons IMAX 3D was good at bradford's National Media Museum that I saw a few years back.
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                        Guys what is Digital Cinema?


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                          It means that the equipment used is digital.
                          No "film reels", to put it one way. The movie is stored a digital storage medium and the projector reads it and displays it like a computer reading a movie file.

                          It's nice in the sense that it doesn't need rewinding and that it takes less space than film reels. Also nice that it makes duplicating it easier so cinemas wont run into snags with too few prints being available and stuff. Theoretically, they should be able to just have a central hub somewhere with all movies and have the cinema just access whichever ones they want t show.

                          I'm still a bit mixed on the format itself, though... there have been some really shoddy encodes... 2012 was absolutely terrible at times, best and most visible sample would be the sunset/sunrise/whatever scene near the end of the movie, you could see the transitions (or lack of) between the shades of yellow/red/orange thanks to the poor digital encode (I refuse to believe they intended for it to look that bad)