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    Honestly, I despise a majority of movies that come out of Hollywood. Felt this way for years and the recent slew of garbage with their type-cast stars has only strengthened my hate. The only movie that I saw this year that was (surprisingly) nominated for multiple Oscars was Precious. The book is marvelous and the movie matches that brilliance and, fuck, there is some raw, powerful emotions in both. Considering how dark and massively unglamorous that movies is, I’m amazed it received any attention. Mo’Nique’s win cannot be argued.

    Another unexpected highlight was seeing Pedro Almodóvar, my favorite director, show up to announce this year’s Best Foreign Movie. It’s a shame the Academy only ever recognizes the most Hollywood-inspired foreign movies, otherwise I would’ve been more interested in the films up for that category.

    Hollywood still isn’t my friend. We don’t mingle well together.


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      Originally posted by Branden_Lucero View Post
      yeah, but why would james cameron care about awards now? he's got 2 of the biggest selling movies ever made in both box office and overall attendance. not to mention his other film already won him best picture and director.
      Dumb logic. To a lot of people, appreciation from your peers goes a lot further than the almighty dollar.


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        I didn't see or even hear about a lot of the films nominated before i saw the BAFTA's.
        I have to say that i didn't enjoy the Hurt Locker all that much and i havn't seen Avatar or any of the other films except for District 9 and Part of Inglorious Bastards. Its a shame because a lot of the films nominated looked good like Precious. Does any one know if District 9 won anything?


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          Originally posted by GuardhouseMusic View Post
          Every genre gets its year I suppose. It was a great montage indeed, especially the attention they gave to Rosemary's Baby. Classic.

          Not to mention the tribute to the late great John Hughes. Well done.

          I enjoyed the horror tribute too, though some of the film bits in don't qualify as horror for me really...Tim Burton doesn't really make complete horror, and New Moon just HAD to rear it's ugly head in for a second in the tribute. XD

          The John Hughes one made me tear up a bit. ><

          Well if you compare the Oscars to MTV Awards, I don't care how much of a 'popularity' contest it is, at least most the movies nomiated for Oscars have a shred of dignity.


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            i was just happy to see jeff bridges getting the recognition he deserves its been long overdue


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              Originally posted by kiedistidus View Post
              i was just happy to see jeff bridges getting the recognition he deserves its been long overdue
              Did he never get any sort of award before this? o.o


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                Well not an oscar.... which he should of got for lebowski

                My dad is a massive jeff bridges fan and is introducing me to some of his earlier films,just bought stay hungry,cant wait to watch it I heard the pose off between jeff and joe spinell is genius.
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                  Very glad Jeff Bridges finally won an oscar, although for me his best acting was in Fearless, and he was inexplicably not even nominated! 1993 was a very good year for male leads though