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The Walking Dead - Frank Darabont/Robert Kirkman

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  • The Walking Dead - Frank Darabont/Robert Kirkman

    Time to make this thread now, with a reasonable trailer leaked from comic con! If none of you have read the graphic novel on the walking dead and wish to remain without being spoiled, I'd suggest to ignore the wiki information on Kirkman's walking dead.


    The Walking Dead is centered on Rick Grimes, a small-town police officer from Cynthiana, Kentucky, his family, and a number of other survivors who have banded together in order to survive after the world is overrun with zombies. As the series progresses, the characters become more developed, and their personalities shift under the stress of a zombie apocalypse, most notably Rick's.

    * Andrew Lincoln
    * Sarah Wayne Callies
    * Jeffrey DeMunn
    * Jon Bernthal
    * Linds Edwards
    * Laurie Holden
    * Addy Miller
    * Steven Yeun
    * Michael Rooker
    * Chandler Riggs
    * IronE Singleton
    More information

    The wiki-page for the tv series on the Walking Dead can be found here. If you wish to know more on why the walking dead is a must watch (if you never read any of the comics or know of its reputation) then the comic-wiki page here.


    I honestly can't wait for this to begin. AMC is the perfect pick (got to love Breaking bad and how great they are as a cable channel to not abide by certain restrictions on graphic content and language.) for this. This could be something special.

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    I'll be watching out for this. I love the comics...kinda have stopped reading them since it started taking forever for my work to get them in and I lost interest with a busy reading load, but when a coworker told me about the series going live action, I was intrigued.
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      I'm just excited to see a show like this on TV. Its going to be epic.

      Not to mention the comics are amazing and they are adapting them excellently.


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        Frank Darabont? Now I'm interested.


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          Originally posted by aris13 View Post
          Frank Darabont? Now I'm interested.
          Very much agreed, this caught my interest when I read that zombies where involved but that man's name alone sealed the deal . . .


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            There is a new trailer up, looks very good. Between this new Dexter, How I Met Your Mother and Two And A Half Men I just want to get to next month already.



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              Holy SHIT, that looks amazing. I'm pretty excited for this show. I just gotta find out what channel AMC is up at school!

              Still, I kinda wish this show was on HBO or something. Cable means a lot of gore/language/nudity...all the good stuff...will be limited.
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                Totally stoked for this show. I didn't even know that it was originally a comic book either. Might as well pick them up one day when I can


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                  As I said to Smiley before, I do hope that this does eventually make it's way to Australia as it does look rather cool.
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                    Originally posted by ChrisRedfield29 View Post
                    Still, I kinda wish this show was on HBO or something. Cable means a lot of gore/language/nudity...all the good stuff...will be limited.
                    Actually no. AMC has always been hardcore, and it has been said this show is going to break barriers.


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                      Originally posted by MeanBob View Post
                      I didn't even know that it was originally a comic book either. Might as well pick them up one day when I can

                      Yes. Yes you should. (And my little girl saw your avatar yesterday, and she giggled for about 10 minutes.)

                      The series premiers here in the US Halloween night, 10|9C.


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                        I am incredibly excited for this show!


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                          The series has already been signed on for a second season. It hasnt even shown the first episode yet. Thats what I call hype.


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                            I'm pretty excited as well, it has much potential to rock. I'm going to meet Robert Kirkman next Friday at a con I'm attending for my newly released comic book. Sweet.
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                              Well, I just read the trade paperbacks after borrowing them from a friend. The little bugger owed me after handing me Crossed and telling me I'd love it. That is some deeply disturbed stuff there.

                              The Walking Dead comics are fantastic. Nothing less. The characters are exceptionally well portrayed and the story just makes sense. I've never had the feeling that anyone, even the main character, is safe. He's certainly suffered a lot of crap. It also shows how the characters are breaking down mentally under the stress, and are even using them to cope with every day life with almost no hope.

                              I was interested in the TV series before. Now, I'm drooling for it. Seriously, I'm gonna start sacraficing TV executives at the end of each season until the new season has been signed and started. I don't care if season 2 has already been signed...Firefly has taught me any series that is actually good is in terrible, terrible danger. I fully expect to hear this one has been cancelled after the pilot.