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  • Paintball

    I've always had a soft spot for any sport that envolved shooting other people, so I dont know why it has took me so long to find this great sport. I'm currently deciding which Marker to purchase and I was just curious if anyone out there plays? I know Beachhead probably does so are there any tips I should know?

    Im looking to buy a Tippmann A-5, mainly since I hear its a really newbie friendly weapon. I've been reading about it all night and I got a few upgrades planned but I just want it in my hands now!11 We got this great abandoned slaughterhouse here where I am on vacation and we took a trip up to it with my cousins paintball gun (Trippmann 98 Custom) and it was great! The atmosphere of the place is so cool though not so sneaking friendly (dust on the floor) its still a lot of fun.

    Also how about masks? Would a gas mask be ok for this or should I really get a paintball one?

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    98 custom is almost what everybody gets first due to its reliability, simplicity, and upgradeability. It's terrible for serious tournament play, but it will do you just fine for leisure play.
    I play on my college team, last year we were rated 11th in the country out of 250 teams in the league. I maintain the website now, PAINTBALL FOX!

    Anyway, I started off with a 2003 Autococker, which is a good gun, non-electric, but not for new players who’ve never owned one before and seek to update, or for non-serious players. You can go for the A-5 over the 98 if you please. It’s more expensive and a bit prettier, but ultimately not so much different from the base 98. You can mod it to fire in full auto or 3 shot burst, but the total customizing you can do with a 98 is greater than an A-5.
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      What makes it so terrible for tournaments? I was planning on getting the E-grip soon after so get the full auto, as well as a flatline barrel and some other upgrades.


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        Why is it terrible for tournaments. Have you ever played in a tournament before? It's a very fast paced, close quarters game. Besides being heavy, it's also long with a slow firing speed. The gun makes a HUGE difference in speedball, with a small, compact gun that can lay out a line of paint as opposed to a heavy, rifle like gun that you have to fire at a set rate so that it doesn't chop a ball.
        Also, if you're going to play tournaments, full auto is illegal, as is the tippman reflex trigger, two of the main upgrades for improving tippman firing speeds. Also, the flatline barrel is fun in theory for woodsball, it can put a ball as far as 100 yards easy and still break. However, it does so by putting a tremendous strain and upspin on the ball, often causing it to break in the barrel, especially when firing at faster speeds. Don't even think about trying to use that during a tournament either. First of all, I don't think it's legal considering the limits they often put on firing speeds, and secondly, it makes your gun the size of a colonial musket.

        This is the league I play in. You can see why such a gun wouldn't be good for tournaments. And the fields you see there are larger than the fields we usually play on.
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          That video makes Paintball look fun... Though I still like Airsoft more cause it's more simulation, rather than arcade kinda style like Paintball seems.


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            Ice knows how much interest I had in airsoft for a long time. After playing paintball for a bit, I finally got to try it.

            And I never had any interest in it again.
            Blind firing with plastic replicas of real guns with BBs that go 15 yards and don't even hit hard enough to register to your nerve endings is not fun.


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              I'm going painballing for the first time on Saturday, WINNAR.

              Hopefully I'll kick some ass butI'll probably get hammered.


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                but paintball is so much more fun when you're hammered! You can't hit SHIT.

                all jokes aside, I used to play paintball on one of the few league teams around here, I started with a Spyder Classic (the cheapest gun you can use and still not lose every time: hindsight it sucked, I retired it to doing driveby's on houses because of the short barrel I got for it) Unfortunately I agree with what most of what Niko said, except if you like making your gun look like a real one, they make a badass M4 kit for the Tippmann A-5 that makes it look about 90% like a real M4. Sexxy.

                So get an A5.

                damn I wish people played paintball and/or airsoft around here still... thoes were the fuckin days man.


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                  What do you mean unfortunately?
                  And isn't that kit damn expensive?


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                    "unfortunately" meaning that I don't like agreeing with you, sometimes I just disagree to see what you'll say :-D

                    and yeah, it's hella expensive, like 2 or 3 hundred for the whole kit. But c'mon. It's as close as most people will get to mowing their friends down with an M4. MOST people anyways.


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                      Wow you need to get your priorities straight. How much does it improve the gun besides making it look something like an M4?

                      And you better start liking to agree with me, unless you like BEING WRONG MORE!
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                        wow, now you're really starting to sound like my girlfriend.


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                          Does she look as good in a dress?


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                            I guess. I prefer her with nothing on at all though.

                            ... I doubt you look good in a dress


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                              I played only 2 times I want to play it again .