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  • Does anyone knows???

    Hi, there guys. Does anyone knows a good free software to convert mkv files to wma (to play them on Xbox 360) ; I've been trying few softwares, but they usually don't work, or they just take forever to convert ( one took 30 min to convert about a 60 sec). I'd really appreciate it.
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    You should be able to play MKV files in media centre on the 360 - if you have Windows vista or above you should have media centre installed on your OS - if that is what you want? Saves the time converting


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      MKV files are a pain in the arse, why people think they're better than standard AVI's or MP4's is beyond me. I'd suggest GotSent or XenonMKV, they'll de-mux the MKV then re-mux it into an MP4 file the 360 can play. However sometimes the resulting file is out of sync, in this case you'll need something that converts the files (GotSent and XenonMKV don't convert the video as this usually isn't needed, they just put it into a container the 360 understands), SUPER © can probably do this.


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        Are you sure they play .mkv files? I've tried syncing up my pc and xbox and the .mkv files don't show up on the xbox.


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          .MKVs only play on the 360 if you're running a proper Media Center version of windows, if memory serves me right.

          As for Gotsent and MKVs, gotsent will re-encode any unsupported formats to whatever the 360 likes (including embedding hardcoded/burned in subtitles if they were softsubs in the MKV)

          I used to use gotsent a lot before I picked up a WDHD TV LIVE (still a bit unhappy about how it handles certain things related to subs, but that's more connected to how certain idiots don't know hot to time shit properly + how wonky more advanced subtitle formats are when you start doing random pointless dickery with them)