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    I saw it yesterday for an early screening at my theater. I think I'll delve more into my thoughts at a later time when I finish my movie REviews, but for now I thought I'd open a Saw topic up for those RE fans out there who didn't already bother posting their impressions over at House of Jigsaw.

    Before the haters hate I'd like to remind everyone that whether you think the sequels suck, the original is overrated, or the franchise needed to have Jigsaw in space...let's try to get along here shall we? It's our recent horror franchise seemingly coming to a close. And like Jason, Freddy or Michael Myers...we'll probably see a remake or reboot in the near future to follow up alongside Child's Play.

    So for any of you Saw fans out there feel free to speak your thoughts on the film or series over all from beginning to end.
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    I really dislike the Saw franchise. I watched the first film and loved it, had a bit of gore in it but not over the top and it had a really interesting story with a great twist at the end. Saw 2 was alright, not a great story and too much gore in my opinion, but it was still watchable and quite fun. Saw 3, disgusting, far too much gore, and it was quite sick with very little plot. Never watched any of the others, but from some scenes that I've heard from friends (a woman getting her scalp pulled off, for example) make me feel sick and I couldn't bring myself to watch any further installments.


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      What I love about the first Saw film is that they play instances of extreme gore correctly. They drew out the scenes of torture instead of all of this schizophrenic editing the subsequent movies did. While some of the traps looked considerably grisly on paper, they're just thrown around and skirted in execution throughout 3-5. I scare quite easily, and I can't watch the end scene in the first where Gordon saws his leg off. The constant screaming, the excruciating length, GAWD.

      I didn't watch anything past 5 and the appeal of the three movies after 2 worked in a soap opera kinda way. I liked some of the characters.
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          Huge Saw fan since the first film. Overall, I enjoyed Saw 3D. The 3D was terrible, though, I'd much prefer watching it in 2D on repeated viewings.

          The houseofjigsaw forums lit up with people trashing the movie this weekend, as did critics. The entire plot was basically written over the years by fans on the forums. Bad writing, bad acting and cast choices for the new characters, no twist ending.

          I have to say I was satisfied with the ending, but only because I'm a Saw 1 fanboy. As a huge Saw 1/Dr. Gordon fan, Spoiler:

          Regardless, I was glad to see the lead singer of Linkin Park Spoiler:
          and the few scenes that did have Tobin Bell were fantastic. Hopefully they keep the franchise dead, though I can totally see them bringing it back - Saw 3D was all for the money. A giant slap in the face story-wise to the hardcore fans with writers/producers/directors giving the same false promises they've given since Saw II.
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            So that was lead singer of Linkin Park afterall? :lol

            About Saw 3D... terrible movie :/ I haven't watched Saw 5 and Saw 6 but looking at Saw 7, I haven't missed anything story-wise. This was supposed to be a final chapter, but it didn't feel like it. Most of the story was yet again about random bunch of people tortured by Jigsaw and only the backstory was about Hoffman and Jill.

            The entire "learn to appreciate your life through a near-death experience" theme was lost somewhere after Saw 1 and (to some extend) Saw 2. Bobby, the "main protagonist" of this movie, really wanted to help all of his collogues and wife and was really willing to solve all those traps, but all (or most) of them were simply impossible to survive. There was either too little time or traps were too hard (it's impossible to not scream when a hook is tearing your gullet up). The same goes for that racist guy -- he tried to reach to lever, he didn't mind his skin ripping off; but once again, too little time.

            Not to mention, in the end

            I was glad, however, that the movie showed some of the survivors, how grim they looked after what they have experienced, how some of them didn't even feel that Jigsaw helped them getting their life together.

            I enjoyed the first movie, because like said, it wasn't all about gore but there was a plot behind it. Every other movie in the series though, no plot (only some plot twists) and maximum gore. :/ I thought the ending chapter will be different. It wasn't.
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              coming to a close? its all they do is announce "this is the final chapter" for every movie since like the 5th one if i remember. as long as they're makin' over a $100 million dollars each on a budget of barely $10-15 million, then they'll keep pumping them out.
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                I thought the first three were okay, but after that it got a little too much for me. It just seems like it needed to end after the third movie, because it just wasn't good enough for more, yet somehow it lived on and I feel it probably will continue on after this as well. The first two were the best because it had a real storyline to it and the third was cool too in my opinion, but after that the story had no real substance to it.