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Happy New Year All!

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    Originally posted by Darkmoon View Post
    I just plonk my rear in front of the TV and watch shows ranging from awesome to crap. I'm gonna try stopping the crap and actually doing something I want to do.
    You and me both, dude, if you replace TV with internet. At least this semester I'm going to try to be a "better film studies major," by watching more films, playing less games, and spending less time on the internet. Oh and reading, READING! 11 renewals on books I know I'm not getting to has been a bit depressing. Problem with one of those habits is that quite a few great new games are coming around, and the 3DS.

    Nonetheless, for the first three weeks of the year I'll be studying in South India, starting today. I'm driving to the airport in a few hours, and within another 20 or so I'll be in a place completely alien to me. Never been to any fairly non-Western countries (only Canada and Ireland), so this'll be a trip in more ways than one. I'll be writing a short documentary, so if it's online then I'll shoot you guys a link and probably post pictures.

    In that spirit, Happy New Years THIA! 2010 for me ranged from uneventful to stressful as fuck, let's ring this in!


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      Originally posted by Darkmoon View Post
      May every New Year be better than your last, assorted minions.
      Can't be any worse than last year, can it?

      Happy New Year all, hope its a good one, gonna get absolutly hammered tonight.
      Finally playing 1.5. Woo-Hoo!!!