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Gerry Rafferty has died.

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  • Gerry Rafferty has died.

    I'm totally gutted. His music means so much to me, and after debunking the false reports of his death a few years back and him actually releasing a new album in '09, it seemed he would be going strong a little while longer.

    For those of you that don't know him by name, he is the man responsible for "Stuck In the Middle With You", "Baker Street" and slew of other classic songs.

    I don't know what more to say...

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    Well, we knew back in November that he wasn't in the best of conditions. Not to mention the fact that he has struggled with alcoholism. Still, this year has certainly started off poorly.
    See you in hell.


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      You just beat me to it Dan Corson. It's such a shame that a man of great talent has been taken away from us.