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  • Inspired by a nightmare

    I was inspired by a nightmare I had the other night and I thought it actually tied in pretty neatly with the REmake storyline, so feel free to tell me what you think.

    I was in the guardhouse/residence area of the mansion and a researcher for Umbrella. I was paired up with another researcher and we were both quarintined in a secret section of the residence area along with a group of other researchers as well. The area was sealed off from the rest of the residence and monsters of various types were released into the area like Hunters, zombies, crimson heads, etc.
    The goal was to test how long a regular human being could survive in conditions with monsters and T-Virus infection spreading was occuring. There was a designated area we had to travel and fight our way to in order to eat and drink using whatever means we had to in order to reach that area and get back into our rooms. For weeks this went on and everytime we went out it got more and more terrifying to leave our room.
    Then, one day as we were about to sleep after one particulary difficult day, we heard screaming next door. My roommate and I both stopped and listened to the woman screaming more and more hysterically. Apparently one of the monsters had managed to get into her room and was now eating her. Out of curosity I open a vent on the top of the ceiling and as I poke my head through I see leeches travelling at a casual pace, completely ignoring me. I come to the conclusion that they were was what was eating the poor woman and had no interest in eating anymore.
    This is where my dream blacks out and the next thing I know, I'm sprinting down a hallway in the lower levels of the residence area. While it didn't show the researcher busting the tank, it would've been a good way to explain and tie in that. One of the hunters that was chasing him and the roommate decapitates the roommate, while the one I was continues to run. Once again, he enters into another secret area and the vast sized metal doors that lead to the outside where the elevator is that leads to the even lower levels. He busts the door entered into which was electronically locked to seal out the monsters which in turn also sealed the vast sized doors. Unfortunately, a large vent gave an entry point to another hunter. He was completely sealed in and completely unarmed and I assumed killed by the hunter.

    So, what do you think?