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    I can recomend Rec and uhh.... lol thats it.

    I can tell you to avoid Rec 2, Dead Set, Dead Snow, Zombie Diaries and Horde.

    Best Zombie films I have seen would be The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, The Crazies and Zombieland. Obviously there is Dawn and Night of the deads apart from that I think the rest are pretty lame.

    Oh and I just watched Quarantine 2 that was ok. Better than most.
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      Personally I quite enjoyed the two Chanbara movies. Plot's thin, but it's hot chicks killing zombies with swordplay. Can't really go wrong there, lol. Diary/Survival of the Dead are both great, too. But really, to fully get the story you have to watch both, as they meet in the middle and taper off into their own stories again.

      Also it's not on that site, but if you can find it, Boy Eats Girl is a little more light-hearted, but still a damn good zombie flick.