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    I was just wondering if anyone else here is into collecting figures?
    Ive only really just started collecting figures over the last few months. I have a collection made up of Resident evil, Gears of War, Alien and Predator figures.

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    i have well over a hundred figurines still in their boxes. over 50 of them are RE based and haven't counted the star wars ones.
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      I have a few RE figures like my Moby Dick Nemesis Type 1 and a Palisades Leon but they're packed away along with my MGS1 and MGS2 figures. I do have 2 figures out in the open for me to look at


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        I have a SHIT ton of figures. Oh ^ Nice stuff by the way, sippin on dat Tru Blood
        Like others on this forum, most of them happen to be Resident Evil figures. I have about 72, and last time I counted there's about a hundred and twenty something RE *action* figures in the world, not counting the statues(Of course now the Operation RC figures will be coming out).

        The ones I'm missing are a couple Moby Dick figures and all the rest are variants like the gold versions, and the palisades ones. Other than those and my old toys in the basement, I have other video game figures like Altair, Ezio Auditore, Simon Belmont, and Isaac Clarke. Besides Resident Evil/Biohazard figures, UFC figures are what I collect the most. I also used to collect Aliens and Predator figures but I sold most of them over the past few years. I still have a Predator 2 figure though
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          I've got a bunch of figures but most of them are for the Tales of series since I collect anything to do with that. Got a Few RE figures and then a bunch of misc. ones. Like Professor Layton >.>